Mrs. Montero's

1st Grade Class

ELA Week of 2/11

Unit 4 Week 4Comprehension Strategy: VisualizeComprehension Skill: SequenceReading Genre: NonfictionWriting Trait: Word ChoiceGrammar: Adverbs that tell when and commas in series

ELA Homework:

Any pages with Unit 4 Week 4 are skills being taught throughout the week. Students may complete these as additional practice or as a review.
  • Monday: Practice Book Page 200-201
  • Tuesday: Practice Book Page 203-205
  • Wednesday: Practice Book Page 206 & 208
  • Thursday: Review for Tests
  • Friday: 45 minutes of iReady

Friday Assessments: Reading Comprehension, Grammar Test, Vocabulary Quiz, Spelling Quiz

Spelling Words:

long e

1. lucky 6. easy

2. buddy 7. alley

3. penny 8. city

4. sunny 9. lazy

5. puppy 10. ready

Vocabulary Words:

clever: quick to think of good ideas or solve problems

signal: a gesture, action, or a sound that tells you to do something

career: the kind of work or job a person does

soothes: something that makes you feel better when you are upset or hurt

advice: when you want to know someones opinion about what should be done.

trust: if you trust someone, you believe that person will do the right thing; depend on that person

career: the occupation or job for which you are trained.



(Math i-Ready 45 minutes completed by Sunday night)

Top Reflex User for the week will be awarded 5 Tiger Bucks


  • Math: Study for Test


  • Math: Reflex


  • Math: 10.1


  • Math: 10.3


  • Math: 10.5

Review Chapter 9 and coins with students. Chapter 9 Test will be on Tuesday, February 12th


Chapter 9

Measurement and Data, Time, Money

Test 2/12


  • Force and Motion

Social Studies:

Past and Present-Test 2/8

Review Material for upcoming Exams
Unit 6 Motion.pdf
Then and Now.pdf

First Grade Reminders:

  • PE Attire is to be worn on Tuesdays
  • Reading HW is collected on Fridays, Math HW is checked daily.
  • Valentine's Day Dance 2/14 $2 Cash Only
  • Disney Movie Family Night 2/15 FREE