Mrs. Garcia's First Grade ELA Class


Week of October 15th:

Monday: Haunted House Tickets go on sale $2

Tuesday: Students must wear PE uniforms.

Wednesday: Sweets and Treats Sale


Friday: FIU or blue/yellow shirt and jeans $1 Jean Day

ELA Weekly Skills

Comprehension Strategy: Make and Confirm Predictions

Comprehension Skill: Character, Setting and Events

Reading Genre: Fantasy

Writing Trait: Organization

Grammar: Singular and Plural Nouns and Apostrophes with Contractions

ELA Weekly Words

Vocabulary Words:

Quiz on Friday

shelter: a building that protects or keeps you safe

materials: the things used to make something else

collapsed: to fall down

furious: when someone gets very angry

refused: to say firmly that you will not do

Spelling Words:

Quiz on Friday

  1. bus
  2. bug
  3. tub
  4. stuff
  5. cup
  6. fun
  7. drum
  8. mud
  9. duck
  10. snug

Sight Words:

  • could
  • live
  • one
  • then
  • three


Week of September October 15th:

Monday: PB pages 62, spelling tic-tac-toe (one activity)

Tuesday: PB page 65-67, spelling tic-tac-toe (one activity)

Wednesday: PB pages 68, spelling tic-tac-toe (one activity)

Thursday: Review for spelling and vocabulary quiz

Friday: 45 minutes of iReady