Mrs. Londono's Fourth Grade Class

Class Updates

* Edda's Bundt Cake Fundraiser begins October 10th.

* Haunted House October 31st - Tickets (students only) ACSW-School Store (Haunted House)

Class Reminders

* iReady - Students must complete 45 minutes in Reading and Math weekly

* Reflex Math - Students must complete 15 weekly (get the green light)

* Check your child's agenda & home learning daily

Home Work

Week 11: October 29 - November 2

  • * Please pay attention to days with AM and PM class home work differences *


Monday:pg. 93-94 (even) and study for test

Tuesday: iReady/Reflex

Wednesday: iReady/Reflex

Thursday: iReady/Reflex and pg. 97-98 (even)

Friday: pg. 99-100 (even)


Tuesday: Brain Check and Apply Concepts pg. 185-186

Thursday: Explore Learning Gizmo (Mineral Identification)

* Continue Science Fair Project *

Social Studies

Wednesday: Complete Vocabulary Chart

Friday: Study Vocabulary Words



common factor, common multiple, composite number, divisible, factor, pattern, prime number, term


UNIT 4: mineral, luster, streak, cleavage, hardness, crystal

Social Studies

peninsula, hurricane, metropolitan area, population density

Words of the Week:


Value of the Month:


Go Check Mrs. Fonseca's site for additional Language Arts homework & details:

Week 2 Homework

Week 2.docx

Week 3 Homework

Week 3.docx

Week 4 Homework

Week 4.docx

Week 5 Homework

Week 5.docx

Week 6 Homework

Week 6.docx

Week 7 Homework

Week 7.docx

Contact Information:

Mrs. Michelle Londono

Remind 101 AM Class: @lon-blue

Remind 101 PM Class: @lon-red