School Counselors


School counselors, through collaborative efforts with parents/guardians and stakeholders, will establish nurturing relationships with all students and facilitate comprehensive data driven programs supporting academic, personal/social and career development.


Abby Illig Liberstein, MS, EdS, NCC

Lead Elementary School Counselor (336) 570-6130 ext. 37848

Kimberly S. Davis

Lead Secondary Counselor336-570-6130 Ext. 37860

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The Difference between a Guidance Counselor and School Counselor

Guidance Counselor

  • Developed in the mid 1900s primarily for vocational guidance

  • Not originally inclusive of or trained in effective prevention and early interventions to address social emotional needs or provision of mental health counseling and career guidance training was minimal

  • Guidance services provided to some students

  • Reactive, not data-driven

  • Average semester hour requirement for a master's degree in the 1970's - approximately 36 hours

School Counselor

  • Evolved over the years to be more comprehensive, collaborative programs based on identified needs and inclusive of prevention and early intervention services for every student in career, academic and social emotional growth and skills

  • Trained in human growth and development, individual and group counseling and counseling theories, social and cultural foundations, student appraisal, research and program evaluation, professional orientation, and career development

  • Average semester hour requirements for a master's degree in the 21st century - 48 to 60 hours

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