Spanish 1

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!Bienvenidos! Welcome to Spanish I. This course is designed to give you basic conversational skills in writing, listening, reading, and speaking in Spanish.

What you will need: Pencils/Pens to take notes

1- 1 (or larger) inch binder with a pocket for notes, and paper.

Helpful: Colored pencils, a folder

Study/Tutoring starting at 7:40-8:20 on Wednesdays. Any change in the schedule will be posted on on this website. Students can makeup work or get extra help during this time.

El lunes, el 17 de septiembre: Quizlet quiz. Realidades 1- chapter 1A Go to Google classrooms to study!

First test: Thursday, September 13, 2018.

Para empezar: These are the items that we have covered

  1. Greetings: me llamo…….
  2. Tú vs Usted
  3. Commands from a teacher….. Saquen una hoja de papel
  4. Los numeros (with a quiz)
  5. ¿Qué hora es?
  6. El cuerpo
  7. En la clase
  8. Articles….la y el
  9. El alfabeto
  10. El calendario y la fecha

Survey grades will be recorded on Friday.

ABC- Class grade will be on Friday

Tuesday: Quiz from Quizlet on Numbers

Quiz over 1A, Monday October 1, Test 1A Tuesday Block 4, Wednesday Block 1&2

Dia de los Muertos

What are you like? What is she like? What do you like to do? What does he like to do? Watch the following videos to help you learn this concept. This will give you help on, subjects, predicates, and, adjectives, OH MY.

Important Dates: October 18 Study Log due, October 19 Folder due can take it home if needed, October 22 all make-up work must be completed, October 24th 2A/ 2B test.

Use this to practice SER VS ESTAR



La Comida: ¿qué te gusta comer?

Final: Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing, SER VS ESTAR. Wednesday January 9th. Part 2- Multiple choice and True/false - Thursday January 10th,

Please look at test- Cell Policy