Welcome! I am so excited to get our school year started! I taught remote students all last year, so I am thrilled to have students in my classroom! This year will be a little different, but we will continue learning and growing. One of the things you can expect from me is quality instruction and very frequent communication. You will know immediately about any issues that come up. I use ClassTag to communicate with the families of my students. If you have a smartphone or tablet, the easiest thing is for you to download the ClassTag app. When I set our class up, you will receive either a text or email invitation to join. You can download the app ahead of time. It is very important that I have either an accurate phone number and/or email to reach you.

We will be using Google Classroom again, but a little differently. Your child will have some assignments posted there, but not paper and pencil assignments .

You can always email me at the address linked below, or you can reach me through ClassTag or my cell phone number. When I invite you to ClassTag, I will share that number with you. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.