Mr. Gardner's

6th Grade Social Studies

Graham Middle School


January 18th, 2022 will be a Remote Learning Day due to inclement weather. All scholars should log into Canvas and view their assignment options under this week's module. If you need assistance please email me or join the ZOOM office hours, the link for that is also on my Canvas page.

Stay safe and warm!

Below find your daily schedule!

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the class and about me!

7:45am - 8:20am // HOMEROOM



9:56am - 11:00am // CORE 1

11:10am - 12:37pm // CORE 2

11:20pm - 11:50pm // LUNCH

12:47pm - 1:49pm // CORE 3

1:59pm - 3:10pm // CORE 4


In 6th grade we are going to explore a wide variety of early human history...

From the first humans

and how technology helped them survive.

To the greeks and "classic" ancients

and how their cultures helped them undertand the world around them.

To the Middle Ages

and how it lead to new thoughts and revolution.


  • Come to class everyday on time

  • Follow scholarly actions in the classroom:

    • remain in your seat

    • talk during group and discussion time only

  • Complete assignments in a timely manner

  • Participate and ask questions!

About me

Mr. Gardner studied history at UNC-G and works at their library in design and marketing.

Mr. Gardner's favorite historic periods are ancient world civilizations and social movements in world history.

For fun Mr. Gardner loves to play video games, write, draw, watch Marvel movies, and play with his dog: Stevie Nicks.


Scholars and family please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this course and its work! My job is to make sure you all succeed and I will do everything in my power to see that through!