Schedule - Library

Library Hours M-F 8:00 - 4:00

The Library is open before, during and after school, for students and staff. Before school students need a morning pass, and during school students must come with a note from their teacher and sign in/sign out. After school students do not need a pass.

While the Library is open before, during and after school, there are often multiple events happening so use of space and resources may need to be flexible based on the day's activities. If you need to schedule the space, please email Ms. Harper. Classes, clubs, and other organizations all use the Library, and we try to accommodate everyone as much as possible.

We have puzzles, board games, and often community coloring or sticker projects. Some months we have contests and special programming activities as well.

Schedule - Library Assistants

I teach the Student Library Assistant Class - sophomores, juniors and seniors may apply to be SLAs. This class is an elective, and is available for students to take each block.

Student Library Assistants (SLAs) are enrolled in a service learning experience, and their efforts contribute significantly to the school library media program.

As student library assistants, students learn to assist and direct patrons; work at the circulation desk; use the online catalog, Internet, and online databases; troubleshoot technology; shelve books; write book reviews; and numerous other tasks involved in efficient school library operation.

Some of my former SLAs have become teachers, joined the military, become a librarian, gone to graduate school, become parents who read to their kids, and lots more. I love hearing what former students are up to, and how they use information and technology. If someone has been a good library assistant, I am very happy to be a reference or write letters of recommendation.