Medication Forms

School staff may administer medication to students only when the Medication Authorization form is completed by the parent and physician and present at the school. The Medication Authorization form is also available from the school. No medication will be given by a school official unless it is in a container dispensed by a pharmacy with the student’s name, name of medication, date prescription was filled, and directions clearly marked. For over the counter medications, the medication must be in the original container with a current expiration date. A new medication form must be completed if there are changes in medication directions. Parents or guardians are responsible for monitoring medication expiration dates and replacing medication when expired.

If there is no medication on hand in the event of an emergency, the school will call 911.

At the beginning of each school year, an adult will need to bring the medicine along with the completed form 1702 to the school. The school cannot give medicine to your child without this form.

Click on the links below to download and print medication form or medication policy.

Medication authorization form

This form needs to be filled out my healthcare provider and parent. Then return form to school with medication.

Med Auth Form

Medication policy

ABSS Medication Policy Letter for Parents.

Medication Policy Updated.pdf

Student self-administration of emergency medications

At all school levels, students may self-medicate with emergency prescription medication if they have permission to do so documented on their Parent and Physician Order for Medication form.

State law allows students who have met certain conditions to carry and self-administer emergency medication during the school day and at all school-sponsored after-school events, including transportation to and from the event, for asthma, diabetes and severe, life-threatening allergies (anaphylaxis). Medication includes asthma inhalers, insulin, glucagon and injectable epinephrine.

  • The parent or guardian must provide the school with a completed Medication Authorization Form.
  • The student must be observed and certified by the School Nurse to be able to self-administer the medication and have completed a self-carry contract with the School Nurse and Principal.