Cyber Security

Cybersecurity incidents can be paralysing for businesses, often causing serious reputational damage and significant financial loss. It can be very difficult for businesses to ever fully recover without appropriate steps being taken ahead of time.

Absolute IT Support has partnered with Cynch Security to help small businesses across the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and beyond build Cyber fitness and risk resilience, without the need for in-house expertise or a huge budget.

Building on the technical support already provided by Absolute IT Support, Cynch helps business owners address threats to their livelihood by tackling not just the technology but also people and process aspects of cyber risk.

  • Gain clarity of your cyber risks covering technology, people and processes.
  • Access plain language advice and instructions on how to lower cyber risk.
  • Collaborate and delegate cyber concerns to trusted partners.
  • Track your compliance with cybersecurity obligations.

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