AB Elementary Family Resources

Welcome to the ABRSD Elementary Family Resources website. Please check out the categories below for suggestions, tips, and multimedia resources to support curious, engaged, and active families.

Social & Emotional Learning

Click here for ideas and resources for family and children social and emotional well-being.

Anti-Bias Resources

Click here for resources to help guide family discussions about bias & social justice.

Physical Exercise

Click here for suggestions to have fun with physical fitness this summer.

Visual & Performing Arts

Click here for ideas and activities for exploring and creating art and music.


Click here for resource that include virtual book shelves and more.

Science, Technology, & Engineering

Click here for websites, videos, and other resources for enjoying science, nature, and engineering.


Click here for math games, activities, and explorations.

History & Social Science

Click here for virtual field trips and other activities for families to explore.

Digital Literacy

Click here for resources & tips for being an informed and responsible digital citizen.

Virtual Summer Camps

This summer there are some excellent options for children to engage in virtual summer camps. Click here for more information.