Below are links to help you through the many aspects of the research process.

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Databases - Use the library's free encyclopedias and databases to find accurate and up-to-date information for your research. Our databases range from current events and science to newspapers and lit finders!

ebooks - Use the library's ebooks 24/7. Multiple users can access ebooks at the same time. Check back for more ebook offerings soon.

Website Evaluation - Use this page to help you make sure you are finding the most reliable and academically-appropriate information on the web.

Citations - Don't plagiarize! Use this page to find out more about citations, including why and when to cite and how to cite a variety of sources. This page also has information and tutorials on NoodleTools, an online citation-generator.


Use these encyclopedias to get a general understanding on your topic.

Cavendish Square is great for researching History and Social Studies.

*If you are using the databases from home, you may need a login and a password.

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