About the Library


The mission of the Clifford A. Card Library is to promote a love of reading and provide resources to support the school's commitment to educational excellence. We encourage students, teachers, and parents to make active use of the library, including the use of traditional and new information technologies, and we support teaching, learning, and researching in an intellectually and culturally open environment. Our ultimate goals are to create a positive experience for all school community members and advance student achievement to the highest level.

The Collection

The library's print collection contains more than 9,000 books, including popular fiction, biographies, graphic novels, professional books, short stories, and nonfiction titles. The library subscribes to several periodicals for reading and research purposes. Students have access to eBooks, online databases, and a variety of other online resources through the library's website.

Meet the Librarian

My name is Ms. Charpentier, and I am the librarian at the Clifford A. Card Library at R.J. Grey Jr. High.

Questions? E-mail me at jcharpentier@abschools.org.

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