7 & 8 Blue

Welcome to the Connections Program!

Using My Resources:

If my planner doesn't have all the information I need to complete my homework, there are other ways to find out what it is:

1. Text a reliable friend or classmate

2. Check the Blue Team Homework Calendars

3. Check the teacher's website

7 Blue Homework Calendar

Also check each 7 Blue individual teacher's site for additional information!

8 Blue Homework Calendar

Here are where you can find the individual 8 Blue teacher's sites.

Meet the Connections Teachers

Kristin Kelley

7 & 8th Grade

Special Educator

Pat Loria

8th Grade

Teaching Assistant

Bernice Higdon

7th Grade

Teaching Assistant

Joining a Club

There are many after school clubs that you may want to join, from Games Club to Origami Club and the Green Team. Think about what interests you most, talk with your parent(s) and give it a try!

Ms. Kelley runs Games Club where you play a variety of board games and card games, including Magic: The Gathering. Kids typically bring their own Magic Card Decks, while all other games are provided.

Games Club = 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month