Library Procedures

Behavioral Guidelines

The library is a community learning space and must serve multiple purposes. In accordance with the ABRHS General Behavioral Expectations, all students are expected to conduct themselves with consideration and thoughtfulness for the rights of others and will be treated with dignity and respect by library staff. Students who consistently demonstrate disregard for the library community may have their library privileges revoked for a period of time.

Rules of the Library Realm

  • The Golden Rule Applies: Treat others as you wish to be treated.
  • No food in the library realm. We like books, not mice. Or allergic reactions.
      • Drinks should have screw-tops (think water bottles and travel mugs). No coffee cups, milk cartons, juice boxes, or canned drinks, please.
  • Use Common Sense. Remember what you learned as a little kid: No running, no throwing things, hands to yourselves, pick up after yourself, no yelling. You’re smart. You get the idea.
  • Games should not be played on school computers.
  • Laptop/Chromebooks: Please be considerate and have your student ID ready when checking out laptops and Chromebooks from the circulation desk.
  • Lunch Blocks: If you need to access the library during your lunch, get here early, do what you need to do, and then go eat.
  • Large tables: 5 people max.
  • Small tables: 2 people max.

Library Realm Etiquette

  • Please enter and exit QUIETLY: Be respectful of the space and people working in the library.
  • Take all phone calls into the hallway: While you may text and use your phone for other purposes in the library (as long as it is not disruptive), talking on phones is not allowed.
  • Return extra chairs: Chairs should not be taken from computers. Any other chairs that you move should be returned before you leave.
  • Do not leave bags and other belongings unattended to save your seat or table: The library is a busy space, and many students are looking for spots. Please be considerate and do not hold a table while going to do something else. Belongings that are left unattended for more than 10 minutes may be moved by a librarian in order to keep space available for students.

Lunch Period Access (Periods 4 through Period 7)

The "20-Minute Rule"

  • In order to reduce the noise and disruption of students continually entering and exiting the library during the lunch periods, students who need to use the library during this time must enter within the first 20 minutes of the period, and are required to check in and out with the supervising teacher should they need to leave temporarily.
  • Although these students may leave when they have finished their work, no additional students will be admitted until the beginning of the next period.
  • Students who arrive after the 20 minute deadline because of a meeting with a teacher, guidance counselor, or assistant principal will be admitted with a signed pass.


Students are not allowed to talk on their cell phones in the library. However, personally owned devices used for communication (including but not limited to cell phones and portable music devices) are permitted providing they do not distract other patrons.

Food and Drink

Food of any kind is not allowed in the library.

Drinks are permitted so long as they can be shut tight (i.e. water bottles and travel mugs).