Parents Guide to music

A common question, how do I help my child learn music. It seems daunting for the professional musician parent and to all supportive parents since everyone wants to see there child love, appreciate and develop the skills to succeed with music.

To start, I have located a few articles that I feel go in depth in explaining how to be productive parents in guiding your children to learn music:

I hope to add other articles in addition to the ones above though here is a few simple rules to succeed:

  1. Consistency makes success. Practice 5 days a week, not 3 or 4. Consistent practice leads to consistent results.
  2. Take care of the simple stuff. Spend the time early to learn to read the notes and the fingerings
  3. Listen to your instrument (recordings) more than you practice. Go to YouTube and listen, listen, listen and eventually assimilate the best musicians in the world into your playing.
  4. Find ways to love doing it every day. From the great trumpet lines in Star Wars to the Rhapsody in Blue's clarinet opening, what made you start on an instrument? Figure that out and immerse yourself!