Course Information

Course: French Level 1B

Teacher: Madame Reeves

School: RJ Grey JHS

Location: Room 608

Extra help: Wednesday after school or by appointment

Contact Information:


phone: 978.264.4700 extension 3396

Course Topics and Themes:

  • En ville et à la maison
  • Les sites de Paris
  • Le shopping: les vêtements et l'identité
  • Le temps libre: les loisirs et la qualité de la vie
  • L'art de France

Course Objectives

In our goal towards oral proficiency in French, students practice the four communicative skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students will have opportunities to practice these skills daily with the ultimate goal of demonstrating each skill with the appropriate level of proficiency by the end of the school year. Check out ACTFL's Path to Proficiency below. Our goal is to reach the Intermediate Low level. In addition, we will increase our knowledge and cultivate an appreciation of French culture.