Middle School Library

Middle School Expectations

Be Respectful

  • Use appropriate voice levels.
  • Conversations must be on task and not disruptive to others.
  • Treat library materials and property with care.

Be Responsible

  • Return books and materials on time to the return bin.
  • Your agenda is your pass.

Resolve Problems

  • If you see or cause damaged books, report it to the librarian immediately.
  • Report any unsafe behavior.

The School Rules for all places also apply to the library. Please consult the school rules below if necessary.

School rules in all places

Be Respectful

  • Use appropriate voice level, language, and topics
  • Considerate of others space
  • Be courteous in interactions with others
  • Be mindful of classes in sessions
  • Be responsive to teacher and staff instructions

Be Responsible

  • Be punctual/sign in
  • Be prepared with necessary materials
  • Clean up after yourself
  • Use appropriate amount of resources
  • Accept the consequences for your choices

Find Resolution

  • Be mature in interactions
  • Be courteous in personal interactions
  • Create positive connections between all people
  • Find appropriate time to address concerns
  • Develop appropriate strategies to solve problems
  • Ask for help when needed