Penny farthing

ICS 5, Class 29

Speaking Test

Week 15(7/19)

Environmental Issues

Week 14(7/12)

  • Vocabulary quiz
  • Learn about the Speaking Test and the 定期試験.
  • Practice writing about environmental issues (shared folder).

Week 13(7/5)

  • Vocabulary quiz
  • Share your diagram once more (shared folder); brainstorm things we can do to help the environment; and practice for the speaking test (submit file).

Week 12(6/28)

  • Vocabulary quiz
  • Think about environmental issues and talk about connections between problems, their causes and effects, and our lifestyles (worksheetshared folder)

Healthy Living

Week 11(6/21)

Week 10(6/14)

  • Vocabulary quiz
  • Practice talking about healthy living for the speaking test (worksheet).

Week 9(6/7)

  • Vocabulary quiz
  • Think and talk about healthy living (worksheet)


Week 8(5/31)

  • Vocabulary quiz
  • Play a guessing game to review talking about personality and places

Favorite places

Week 7(5/24)

Week 6(5/17)

  • Vocabulary quiz
  • Think about favorite places (worksheet) and practice for the speaking test

Week 5(5/10)

  • Vocabulary quiz
  • Think about favorite places and practice describing your room, and then write about it (shared folder)

Next week: We will have assigned seating.


Week 4(5/2)


  • Vocabulary quiz
  • Write about your personality or the personality of someone you know (shared folder)

Week 3(4/26)

Today we will:

Week 2(4/19)

Today we will:

  • Take the vocabulary quiz.
  • Think, listen and talk about personality (worksheet).

For next week:

  • Keep studying the word list!

Week 1(4/12)We're off!

Today we will:

For next week:

  1. 単語リストを勉強してください。来週から本番の小テストが始まります。
  2. 来週リスニングをしますので、パソコンで使えるイヤホンやヘッドホンを持参してください。
  3. 携帯にクイズレットのアプリをインストールして無料のアカウントを作ることを強く推奨します。この授業に限らず、何か覚えたい時に便利で効果的です。クイズレットにログインした状態でこのリンクを開けば自動的にクラスに加入できます。

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

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  • Ctrl + V = paste(張り付け)
  • Ctrl + Shift + V = paste text only (テキスト形式で貼り付け)
  • Ctrl + Z = undo(1個戻る)
  • Ctrl + F = find(ページ内検索)
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