Human Capital Management Solutions

Realities of Human Capital Development today ....

  • Human capital development and management is now a strategic aspect of any competitive organisation
  • Human capital is an aspect that is very much dominant in the Boardroom‎ now and therefore requires powerful, interactive analytics, even supporting natural language queries
  • Both leaders and associates prefer strategic information and analytics at their fingertips, right when they need it
  • ‎New millennials joining the work force today prefer to interact with systems with much independence (also called self-service), using social media type interfaces and it is important to meet this need in order to engage them constructively and fruitfully in a business
  • The CLOUD and OPEX are the way forward as against the archaic "ON PREMISES" and CAPEX approach, in automating and adding value to business processes, allowing business to focus on core business aspects and ensure that funds / working capital are available for same‎ without being tied up in non-core assets and expense heads

Microimage's Cloud HCM is a solution built in this context.