Speech & Language Program 2021-22

Programa de Habla Y Lenguaje 2021-22

With Mrs. Vuu and Ms. Uyan

Con Senora Vuu y Senorita Uyan

Speech Services to begin Week of September 7th

(Right after Labor Day!)

Mrs. Uyan and Mrs. Vuu will continue to be the speech-language specialists assigned to Niemes Elementary and we are thrilled! Both of us have been assigned to Niemes for over 15 years now! The Speech Program will begin about 2 weeks into the school year (tentative projected start date: September 7th, 2021). You may be wondering why we begin 2 weeks into the school year. Here's some of the reasons: 1. This gives your child and their classroom teacher time to get to know each other. 2. This gives your child more time to adjust to being back on campus and learn their "usual" classroom routine. 3. It gives us time to really collaborate with classroom teachers to find the best time to service your child for Speech. You will receive communication from Ms. Uyan or Mrs. Vuu regarding your child's specific speech times the first week of speech (Week of Sept. 7th.) If you have any questions right now, feel free to email either of us at the links provided below. Special SHOUT OUT to YOU- parents from last school year who worked SO hard with us and got your child into their Virtual Speech Session regularly. You are amazing! We look forward to another wonderful school year!!!