Primary Matters

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Student Outcomes

Each year we focus our students on "Be the Best Me". As a vital part of this we, measure academic growth and progress and celebrate the success of our students. In addition to this , our student outcomes also mean we focus our attention on viewing any challenges we face as opportunities for greater learning and understanding. This growth mindset sets up the foundation for our students to be prepared for our future world, where they will need to know themselves as they get to know others, employ critical thinking skills as they challenge their own perspectives, values and understandings with an open mind. Where they will need to be confident communicators and work collaboratively with others, and have the necessary skills to be self motivated, organised, independent workers. Where creative thinking and higher level thinking skills will be valued in the workplace. Where they will need to community focused, aware of the needs of the world around them and conscientious members of the society they live in, including being both Digital Citizens and Global citizens in the world.

The Primary School

The Primary section of the Azerbaijan British College provides a rigous educational experience for children in Year 1 through to Year 6 , ages 5 - 11 years old. We provide our students with a meaningful, challenging and inspiring program of study that adheres to the standards set by the British National Curriculum and related Cambridge curriculum. To do this we employ an inquiry based method for learning so that the high standards set by the curriculum content are supported by the essential "soft skills" needed to be successful and confident individuals, members of society and the future work place.

Our Values

Our seven core values, which we call PRECISE, are based on building quality lives and strong communities through:

1. Perseverance

2. Respect

3. Engagement

4. Compassion

5. Integrity

6. Self-Esteem

7. Excellence

We believe all our students are capable of learning, and that our role in this is to nurture this through providing opportunities for inquiry and investigation, student focused instruction and guidance and in finding inspiration together as a learning community.

We value the connection between home and school.

We recognise from both experience and research the significance of a child's well being as a influencing factor in academic growth.

We celebrate and embrace the diversity of the multiple cultures, languages and experiences our community members bring with them.

Routines and time tables craft our day in to production learning blocks.

We believe in the importance of being productive and recognise the value of break times to support this.

Examples of timetables can be found by following the link.

We are a British school following the National Curriculum and specifically the Cambridge curriculums for Science, Mathematics and English.

Use the direct link or the tab in the menu to access the page to view the current curriculum information and the Yearly overviews for all subjects in each Year Group.


Assessment and Reporting

The Primary School report on learning to parents at the end of each Term. Grades are determined by ongoing assessment ( formative ) and end of unit evaluations ( summative).

Parent conferences are held each term and parents are encouraged to contact their child's Mentor regularly if more information about progress is needed.

For more information, use the direct link or the tab in the menu to access the page.

Parents are provided with a list of essential resources we expect students to have at school. We ask this as part of our focus on fostering in our students a sense of independance and the ability to be organised.

Through the course of the year, each year group will be engaged in using Information as a tool to support learning.

To find out how we do this, use the direct link or the tab in the menu to access the page

Teaching a child the academic subject just scratches the surface of learning, we know that for our students to be successful they navigate the often tricky world of social interactions, conflict resolution and developing a positve self esteem and self aweness. We focus our day through mindfulness and support studentt's growing sense of self by giving them responsibilities such as Prefects, and voice through the Student Council. In addition to this we create community in our House groups.

Policy and Handbook

For the smooth daily running of the Primary School we have clear expectations and goals. All of which are designed to provide a safe and supportive environment for learning.

Celebrating our successes helps us recognise the importance of what we do , the power of learning and how we can share in the acheivements of others.

We actively find whys to support our childrens self awareness and appreciation of learning.

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To help keep our valued connections between home and school current we post an updated newsletter every 2 weeks. This newsletter contained the learning objectives, key vocabulary and expectations for the next two weeks. It also provides images of what learning has been going on in recent days.

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Follow the link to see upcoming events on our calendar, photos of some of the events we have just enjoyed amd see what is coming up

Find out more about Student based events and Parent based events too.