Welcome Messages

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the ABC community through our website especially if you are new to our community, or considering joining us! You should find links to all you need to know through the site but if you have any queries please contact us and we will get back to you. We are a listening school!

I have worked at the ABC since 2005 and have a huge respect for the school, its vision and its community. I am continually impressed by the strength of the community in terms of its determination to support a school that makes a real difference to the whole community and the emerging nation of El Salvador. My team and I throughout the school are here to ensure our students develop their full potential and discover their talents and passion for learning. The ABC is an international, community based school. We follow a range of international curriculum throughout the school while developing students language development within a bilingual context. We are a strong community that works together at all levels with an agreed agenda based on our school’s values. We seek to resolve issues through consensus and partnership.

Whatever your interest in our school we hope it will be positive and help contribute to our school vision of producing responsible outstanding citizens who will go on to make a positive difference in their worlds today, tomorrow and in their future lives.

Welcome to the ABC.

Our warmest regards,

Graeme Keslake


The Primary Section welcomes you. We are a very important part of the ABC where students gain a firm foothold in the English and Spanish languages and begin to foster the traits and values necessary to be a successful student and responsible, outstanding citizen.

The Primary school setting has all the ideal facilities for the best possible education, and this year we have completed phase two of the Lower Primary remodelling. We have now have two wings of classrooms especially designed for the youngest members of the school. This allows the very best Early Years and Key Stage 1 practice, to ensure children develop their skills, knowledge and understanding along with optimal opportunity to develop their brains. The dedication and warmth of the teachers in the school also contributes to one of the most advantageous learning environments a Primary student could wish for. The school uses the International Primary Curriculum together with the British National Curriculum to ensure the students have the most advantageous learning opportunities and achieve well. The students themselves are outgoing and welcoming and the teachers describe their classes as a delight.

If you have a specific query about the Primary section of the school, I and many other staff members would be pleased to talk to you. Please contact the Primary School office to make an appointment.

Very best wishes,

Sharon Short

Head of Primary

Welcome to the Secondary School section of the ABC website. We are committed to helping our students to continue on their journey to becoming well-rounded, confident individuals with an international outlook who realise their full potential.

Our role is to help our students to be successful in achieving their ambitions and enable them to discover new talents.

We encourage our students to be responsible for their own learning, to grow in confidence and to become independent and adaptable. We want our students to be life-long learners that are able to go out and be successful in a rapidly changing world.

We are a caring team who is always available to support our students and our parents; should you wish to discuss any aspect of our programme and school further, please feel free to contact me and arrange a visit.

Virginia Catlin

Head of Secondary

As ABC students we are excited to welcome you to the website. We hope that you will be well informed through the site’s many links and get to see a glimpse of how special life is at the ABC.

We are currently in Grade 12 and have been at the ABC since we can remember! It has been a truly unique, life changing experience: the ABC not only provides a high quality education, but really teaches you what it means to be an internationally minded person and how to give back to the community inside and outside school. The ABC traits and values are what defines us as a school, and as Head Students, we have the honour to promote them to help students on their journey through the school, not only as a learning experience, but as a morally fulfilling one. As a community, we aim to change the world around us for the better and we are excited to represent the student body during this coming year.

Maria Fernanda and Eduardo - Class of 2017

Head Students

Fundación Escolar Británico Salvadoreña - Academia Británica Cuscatleca, Tel.: 2201-6222, El Salvador @ 2017