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On behalf of the whole ABC community it is my pleasure to welcome you to our school through our website. If you are new to our community, or considering joining our community you should be able to find a wealth of information about us on this site. If you have any queries or more personal requests please contact us and we will get back to you. We pride ourselves on being a values based school which listens.

I have worked at the ABC since 2005 and have a huge respect for the school, its vision and its community. I am continually impressed by the strength of the community in terms of its determination to support a school that makes a real difference to the whole community and the emerging nation of El Salvador. We are here to ensure our students have a safe and meaningful educational journey, developing their full potential while discovering their talents and passion for learning.

The ABC is an international, community based school. We follow a range of international curriculum predominantly in English but within a bilingual context where Spanish and other mother tongues are developed. We are a strong community that works together at all levels with an agreed agenda based on our school’s values.

Whatever your interest in our school we hope it will be positive and help contribute to our school vision of producing responsible outstanding citizens who will go on to make a positive difference in their worlds today, tomorrow and in their future lives.

Welcome to the ABC.

Our warmest regards,

Graeme Keslake


Hola desde Nueva Zelanda. Estoy emocionado de haber sido nombrado Jefe de Primaria en la ABC. Tengo muchas ganas de aprender español, sin embargo, esta bienvenida es a través de Google Translate!!

I have had the privilege of a successful career in education for 30 years. I spent my career leading transformational change that was cutting edge, innovative and impacted positively on student learning. That passion and experience equips me well to fulfil this role as Head of Primary. I believe in a positive learning culture that is focused on the student and should be based around sound educational practice, the role of leadership and realising the schools Vision. I embrace and believe strongly in this approach to leadership. To have an opportunity to work in a school like ABC that put children first is something I treasure.

To inspire, encourage and support colleagues has been a key aspect of my Principalship because I am a strong believer in collaboration, reflective practice and growing as an educator. I offer a 21st Century approach to leading the Primary section at ABC and contributing to whole school development.

I bring to this position an experienced educator who has achieved much in education as a teacher and as a principal. My passion, energy and commitment is as strong today as it was when I first became a teacher. I love being an educator and making a positive difference to the lives of the children I am responsible for. I want to take those experiences I have been through in supporting teaching and learning at ABC so children are given a quality education which will realise their potential.

Espero trabajar en la ABC, conocer a sus hijos y ver una parte del mundo en la que no he estado antes.

Kind Regards,

Nevan Bridge

Head of Primary

Welcome to the Secondary School! Here, we endeavour to create a positive culture of learning where all students are valued and experience academic, social & emotional success. We are committed to helping our students on their way to go out into the world with purpose and confidence, with a breadth of academic knowledge, the necessary social and problem-solving skills along with their International and national qualifications. We are proud of our students’ attitude and willingness to become well-rounded young citizens, ready for whatever field of work they choose to pursue in their later future.

It is through our rich curriculum, international and national expert teachers, leadership opportunities and a full range of diverse extracurricular learning activities that we strive to achieve this. Our aim is that every one of our students enjoys their school experience in every sense.

We work hard to ensure students genuinely love their time in the Secondary School and lead busy, rich and fulfilling lives. Whether it is in the classroom or through our charity and social service programmes, our extensive Team sports and Performing Arts programme or being part of a committee, developing skills in leadership, or taking part in educational trips; our students have a wide variety of opportunities to develop into Responsible Outstanding Citizens of the world who display all the Traits and Values we hold dear.

What more could you hope for from a school for your child? We look forward to welcoming you in our ABC family!

Natalia Cáceres

Head of Secondary

As Head Prefects we would like to welcome you to the ABC website! A place where you can stay up to date with everything that is happening in our community. We suggest that you stay tuned to find out all that our school has to offer.

Since our early beginning at the ABC, we have been taught the great importance that our school’s traits and values have in our everyday life and how they help shape us into Responsible Outstanding Citizens. As Head Students for the year 2018, we hope to embody these traits and values and use them as tools to create a welcoming environment in school, as well as boosting our community's ABC spirit!

Our goals this year are, to become role models that students can trust, and encourage the development of new leaders in school by inspiring others to put forth their best effort, because as we know, effort does lead to success.

The ABC is a great place where every student can have a fantastic time and create lifelong memories. It provides great opportunities that can help us overcome challenges and achieve our goals. We are eagerly looking forward to working closely with and for the ABC’s community.

Enjoy the Website!

Clarisa and Marco - Class of 2019

Head Students

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