Welcome Messages

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’’

Nelson Mandela

Welcome to the Academia Britanica Cuscatleca (ABC); we’re trying to change the world.

The ABC is a warm and vibrant international learning community located in the capital city of the beautiful and very friendly Central American country of El Salvador. The school is fully accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and is an IBO World School. The ABC enjoys a strong academic reputation across the region. However, much as we value that reputation and continue to strive for the very best for our learners, this is not our core purpose: we’re trying to change the world.

At the ABC, we are passionate about our values-based approach to education. We hold our 12 core values very dear and are committed to our goal of developing Responsible Outstanding Citizens (ROC’s)- young men and women ready not just to flourish in tomorrow’s world but to lead it- to change it.

Academic rigour and holistic personal development need not be mutually exclusive. However, while good schools provide opportunities that they hope will help young people to develop their values and personal qualities, great schools are intentional about it; at good schools, young people are aware of their personal growth journey- at great schools they own it. Good schools are always seeking to improve how they facilitate students’ learning in English, Maths, Sciences, Humanities and the Arts; great schools do the same but they also strive to improve how they help children to learn values like empathy, humility and tolerance- how they develop personal qualities like resilience, courage and curiosity- how they acquire skills like creative and critical thinking and leadership. We are not perfect; in fact, it is our desire to serve our children ever better that motivates and energises us. But are we a great school? ……...I’ll let you decide when you meet us!

Our warmest regards,

Stephen Lang


Welcome to the Academia Británica Cuscatleca Primary School. It is a great privilege for me to have the opportunity of leading a team of enthusiastic, professional and dedicated staff who aim to create an environment where every child will flourish. Walking into our primary school, you instantly sense that it is a unique environment. At the ABC we are child-centered, we put our children at the center of everything we do, at the center of every decision we make. We are committed to modern and innovative approaches, from our use of the IPC (International Primary Curriculum) to our Reggio Emilia philosophy in the Early Years.

We support our students to develop a global mindset, understanding cultures both near and far and to recognise the value of diversity and alternative views. Our primary site offers state of the art educational facilities to meet the requirements of 21st century learning. We work closely with parents to personalise our provision to meet each child’s individual needs and talents. Academic rigour ensures students have the foundational knowledge, skills and understanding needed to succeed in the next stage of their education. A holistic approach enables students to develop their own voice, follow their own interests and create meaningful relationships. Our students can be who they really are, and develop into creative, confident and thoughtful individuals.

Young people are capable of incredible accomplishments and our approach encourages them to build their confidence and self-belief. Our talented and committed team of teaching and support staff help to ensure that every pupil in the school is valued and cherished. Above all, we are proud to have children who love learning and are genuinely happy to be at school.

Marianne Taylor

Head of Primary

Welcome to the ABC Website, it’s great to have you here!

We are honored to be a part of the Head prefect team this school year. We are ecstatic to aid and work with the members of the ABC community.

Our school endeavors to impart and build strong, independent and value-based foundations which will then help us become our best versions of ROC students.

We believe that every student in our school has an untapped potential to cause change and we strive to encourage and lead in such a way that the ABC community knows and believes it too.

This year, we aspire to tackle and seize every opportunity through the lens of positivity and open-mindedness, as well as to lead through our example, by spreading kindness, acceptance and respect.

We hope to in the process add to the happy school memories we already have, as with every year we are proven, it truly is great to be part of the ABC.

We understand that in order to be the best representation of our school, we have to make their voices heard. For that reason is that we deeply value and take into account everyone; students, teachers and parents alike.

You can rely on us.

Please let us know if there is anything we could help you with.

Thank you for your support,

Luciana and Senji - Class of 2021

Head students