Bienvenido al Salon de Mrs. Newberry!

Welcome to Mrs. Newberry's Classroom!

Bienvenido a nuestro clase! Estamos muy emocionadas por la oportunidad de ser sus maestras, y trabajar con ustedes y sus familias para crear juntos un año increíble!

Welcome to our classroom! We are so excited to be your teachers, and to work with you and your families to create an amazing year together!

We will use this site to communicate our classroom expectations, schedule, homework, and class activities. It will be updated on a weekly basis. You can also visit this site to see photos of you (or your children!) in action in the classroom! If you are interested in volunteering in our classrooms, please refer to the volunteer tab above.

All About Mrs. Newberry

Name: Renée Newberry

Current Position: Middle School English Language Arts, 8th Grade Social Studies

Years of Teaching: This is my tenth year.

Education: Washington College, Bachelor of Arts in English with minors in Spanish and Creative Writing

A little more about me:

  • I am from Maryland and have lived in both Baltimore and Harford Counties.
  • I have a wonderful husband of 16 years and four beautiful children, ages 13, 11, and 9 years, and also 11 months.
  • I love reading and writing, especially poetry. My favorite poet is Pablo Neruda.
  • I am a catechist at my church, St. Stephen's in Bradshaw.
  • I began studying ballet, tap, and jazz when I was six years old, started teaching dance when I was 22, and danced professionally for 14 years, performing ballet, modern, and jazz dance for Full Circle Dance Company in Baltimore and then for Common Ground Dance Company in White Marsh. I now teach dance to adults at CCBC Essex on Saturday mornings.

Mission Statement

Archbishop Borders School is a dual-language Catholic community school that prepares its students to be dynamic members of society through an educational experience informed by diversity, faith and academic excellence.

Declaración de la misión:

Archbishop Borders School es una escuela comunitaria Católica de doble-lenguaje que prepara a sus estudiantes para ser miembros dinámicos de la sociedad a través de una experiencia educativa basada en la diversidad, la fe y la excelencia académica.

Belief Statements

As a Catholic School, we believe that:

  1. A Christ-centered school environment fosters growth of spirituality, character and mindfulness, cultivating an enduring dedication to service, social justice and leadership.
  2. An engaged and intentional dual-language education prepares our students to participate and thrive in a diverse world.
  3. Each child is a valued individual with unique needs and abilities.
  4. Exceptional teaching inspires students to be lifelong learners and critical thinkers who are actively engaged in their learning.
  5. Positive relationships and mutual respect are integral to the success of our school.
  6. All members of the Archbishop Borders School community share the responsibility for advancing the school’s mission.

Declaración de Creencia

Como Escuela Católica, creemos que:

  1. Un ambiente escolar centrado en Cristo fomenta el crecimiento de la espiritualidad, el carácter y la atención plena, cultivando una dedicación duradera al servicio, la justicia social y el liderazgo.
  2. Una educación doble-lenguaje, comprometida e intencional, prepara a nuestros estudiantes para participar y prosperar en un mundo diverso.
  3. Cada niño es un individuo valioso con necesidades y habilidades únicas.
  4. La enseñanza excepcional inspira a los estudiantes a ser estudiantes de por vida y pensadores críticos que participan activamente en su aprendizaje.
  5. Las relaciones positivas y el respeto mutuo son parte integral del éxito de nuestra escuela.
  6. Todos los miembros de la comunidad de la Escuela Archbishop Borders comparten la responsabilidad de avanzar en la misión de la escuela.

Vision Statement

By the year 2022, Archbishop Borders School will be recognized as a pre-eminent dual language PreK-8, Catholic school within the Mid-Atlantic region, committed to the growth and success of each child.

Declaración de la visión:

Para el año 2022, la Escuela Archbishop Borders será reconocido como una escuela Católica preeminente doble-lenguaje PreK-8, dentro de la región del Medio Atlántico, comprometidos con el crecimiento y el éxito de cada niño.