Bienvenido al Salon de Ms. Jimenez!

Welcome to Ms. Jimenez's Classroom!

Bienvenidos a nuestra clase! Estamos muy emocionadas por la oportunidad de ser su maestra, y trabajar con ustedes y sus familias para crear juntos un año increíble!

Welcome to our classroom! We are so excited to be your teachers, and to work with you and your families to create an amazing year together!

We will use this site to communicate our classroom expectations, schedule, homework, and class activities. It will be updated on a weekly basis. You can also visit this site to see photos of you (or your children!) in action in the classroom! If you are interested in volunteering in our classrooms, please refer to the volunteer tab above.


About Ms. Jimenez:

    • Hola, soy la maestra de Español y Estudios Sociales, para Middle School. Me encanta leer e ir al cine con mis nietos de vez en cuando. Camino todos los dias y practico yoga. Mi cita favorita es: "El genio se hace 1% de talento y 99% de trabajo" Albert Einstein .


I am very excited to be the Spanish teacher and Social Studies.

I was born in Spain, but I have been in United States for long time now.

In my free time, I like to read, cook, and visit my grandchildren. I also, like to do Yoga and I walk every day.

Whenever you need me please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I would like to share one of my favorites quotes:

“The genius are 1% talent and 99% work”

Albert Einstein