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The Hash House Harriers are a world wide misorganisation with Hash's in just about every major city. Go to the search page to find a hash near you. The Toulouse Hash House Harriers were founded in October 2002. We are a family oriented hash and welcome runners and walkers of all ages and abilitys. Runs will normally last around 1 to 1 1/2 hours with a shorter route for walkers. The Hash normally takes place within a 60 minute radius of Toulouse.

Virgin Hashers are always welcome - joining could not be easier just turn up at a run and bring 5 Euros.

We will run on the second Sunday of each month, please verify with the calendar precise time and location because the date can change!. Bring 5 Euros cash per person children free! to cover refreshments, which will include beer, soft drinks, water, munchies and of course beer.

Run departs at 15:00 sharp, please arrive at 14:30

Next Hash - 20 Jan 2019 #218

The January hash will be our annual burns night run with extended circle and burns supper at Short shifts house.

Please join us for the ‘Burns Hash’ to celebrate the birthday of Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns born 20th January 1759.

Scottish dress is appropriate.

This hash starts at the usual time 15:00 from the car park in front of the Fontenilles shopping centre “Les Portes de Saves”, Place Campariol, 31470 Fontenilles.

The route is an A to A, returning to this start point, and then you are invited to drive the short distance to Hairy Shoes’ & Short Shift’s house for an extended circle.

The Hares are Short Shift & Hairy Shoes

GPS co-ordinates of the start are;

N 43.547293 deg E 1.192127 deg

Please confirm if you will attend.

If you can bring a dish to share that is always welcome at the Burns Hash

Emergency contact phone – 06 51 84 24 29

Hash Trash #216‌ Dec 09 2018

Lapdancer was the lone, heroic Hare for this picturesque Hash beside the majestic Garonne. The trail had been laid but due to a quick downpour of rain just before the start some flour markings had been partially washed away, making the route a little more challenging; hence the random right turns.

The trail, short for walkers and long for the runners, wound its way beside the Garonne and circled some pretty lakes. The Hashers traversed the big river twice providing lots of varied scenery and brushes with the local Hunters on this grey December day. Rain eliminated some flour making trail blazing an interesting exercise in “join up the dots”; thankfully Lapdancer kept us from deviating wildly by courageously running the trail again with us.

Twelve Hashers braved the weather, a little rain, a bit of wind and a lot of cloud. There was a slight December chill in the air but for the runners it was just perfect weather!

In the circle we:

  1. Rewarded Lapdancer for providing lots of shiggy and making it a fun, interesting route.
  2. Punished short cutters including Locust, who started with the runners, was never seen again and mysteriously appeared from behind a bus stop just after we all arrived home!
  3. Rewarded ET for providing, once again, the traditional delicious mulled wine. VC kindly volunteered to accompany ET for a rewarding Mulled Wine Down Down!
  4. Rewarded those that forgot (or did not know about) to say “passing” when overtaking the walkers or other runners.
  5. And punished those that wore hats in the circle or made a naming violation. With that in mind be aware that Nic and Sara Breese have been named by the Comminges Hash (CH3) and hereafter should be referred to as Anally & Orally.

No Carols were sung at this event, but Mince Pies, Stollen, tasty Mulled Wine and Christmas Hats brought Christmas Cheer to the circle.

Future dates for your diary.

Sunday 20th January 2019 – Hash # 217 The Burns Hash in Fontenilles 31470; Hares are Short Shift & Hairy Shoes

February etc – Waiting for volunteers….

To all Hashers old & new we are looking forward to sharing time with you on the trail at a THHH soon.

Meanwhile I wish all hashers a Merry Christmas, Joyeuses Fêtes, Frohe Feiertage, Nadolig Llawen, Prettige Festdagen

ON ON Rocket Pants


Next Hash #216

This month's hash will be Sunday, December 9, in Gagnac Sur Garonne. Hare will be lapdancer.

Take the D2 to Seilh and at the lights turn right on D63. Go over the river and at the first roundabout turn left. We meet at the car park on the left. See map below

We will have Mince Pies and Mulled Wine courtesy of ET's special recipe.

GPS: 43.70346, 1.36811

If lost call +33 6 73 76 86 26.


Sweet Pea & IP’s ,Cambounet sur le Sor - Saturday 25th August 2018

Many thanks to Sweet Pea & IP, who Hared a ‘tricky trail ‘and hosted an extended Hash at their Home in Cambounet sur le Sor. This destination has become something of a THHH fixture, and this year was no exception with laughter and joviality all round.

19 hashers made the journey and some accepted their host’s thoughtful invitation to stay the night to avoid drinking and driving. A smart move because it was continued well into the dark hours; time flies when you are having fun - ET got 7 of us back home circa 23:00! Thank you for driving ET.

The trail was cleverly laid with circles at strategic points that were not easy to guess. In addition some crucial marks had been erased by animals (we suspect) so that occasionally we needed the kind assistance of Sweet Pea and IP to put us on the right track. So despite these challenges, all the runners found the beer stop. The walk went a different route which didn’t include the beer stop – c’est la vie- but did include a river crossing- mon dieu, formidable!

We were all comfortably seated for the après – trail beer and moved to the host’s front yard to perform the circle, where we;

- Rewarded Sweet Pea & IP for their tricky, fun trail

- Named Sharon Love, hereafter to be respectfully addressed as Snitch Bitch; this by a unanimous vote for her natural snitching talent (Beware at future hashes the snitch is about)

- Welcomed Coffee Bean back as a returner and to demonstrate the art of the Down-Down (And yes I was beaten by a girl)

- Some songs were performed

- Welcomed Barbara and John again, two caving friends of Grotty Totty, who can sing and are natural hashers at heart.

- Punished Locust with a shot of water for wearing a Father Christmas hat in the circle. IP and Sweet Pea happened to have Xmas Hats too so the afternoon chant was “One Father Christmas drinks ALL Father Christmases drink”.

- Rewarded four THHH founders; Lapdancer, Coffee Bean, ET and Wandering Two Lips for their long service.

- Rewarded Hashers for forgetting items from the July Hash/BBQ which were kindly returned by Wandering Two Lips to their respective owners.

- Nic Beese then took an aerial photo of the circle using a drone

- Its Complicated our Religious Advisor (RA) got a Down - Down for the weather;

By this time it was getting a bit confusing - at least in my mind! so

- Sweet Pea & IP then wrapped it up with their great rendition of Swing Low Sweet Chariot including silent & double quick verses

We dined on Pizza, generously provide by our hosts, and tasty snacks and desserts provided by the other Hashers.

Thanks again to Sweet Pea and IP who, as always, manage to make the August Hash one to remember.


Chez Wandering & Whistling Two Lips’, L’Union - Sunday 22nd July

Wandering Two Lips & Microscopic were the hares for this surprising and somewhat challenging trail through the countryside around l’Union.

This was a hash shared with the Sans Clue Hash, the new home hash of Wandering Two Lips (WTL), who moved to Paris for his work.

32 hashers, including 10 from the Sans Clue hash made this our biggest hash for as long as I have been counting.

Why was this hash surprising?

Well the first signs for those hashers, who don’t know WTL already, could see it would be no ordinary hash when the trail markings were explained. There were 6 new markings including Fish-Hooks, sending the leading X people to the rear of the pack and Check Backs sending all hashers back Y marks to continue in another direction. IP, an experienced hasher commented “this embodies all the marking he had ever seen at all the hashes he has run”.

Then there was the trail – a typical WTL trail for me will always include a few scratches and scrapes- we were not disappointed- one section through a field of nettles and brambles followed by a forest track where walking was difficult and impossible to run due to the narrow track and the acacia tree thorns.

Some hashers got lost and Microscopic kindly herded them along in the right direction; perhaps motivated to get them to the Beer Stop!

Altogether it was a great trail thanks to both hares - Microscopic, who laid the trail with WTL

We started and ended at WTL & Whistling Two Lips’ garden in L’Union, where we were comfortably seated for the après – trail beer and circle in the shade of their trees.

Mabouche, the Sans Clue hash RA & I jointly conducted the circle antics which included;

- Rewarding Microscopic & WTL for their challenging and inventive trail

- Welcoming 5 Virgins; Sara, Liz, JC, Tanyette and Gregoire – we hope to see you again

- A spot of singing by Up My Ass (UMA), who came with a file of songs….and the intention to sing them all

- Random rewards for Locust and his wife Sharon and Sara Breese

- A hash love song by IP to Sweet Pea & Mabouche

- A down- down for everyone not yet in centre circle

- Naming with a heavy dusting of flour and liquids of

Euan Mackle hereafter to be addressed as Eleven strokes

Thelma hereafter to be addressed as Nice Dish

- Sweet Pea & IP then sang a fine rendition of “I was Dogging”

- UMA , Mabouche & the Sans Clue hash then sang “The sexual life of a camel”

- More Down-Downs for misdemeanours; real & imagined

- Sweet Pea & IP then wrapped it up with Swing Low Sweet Chariot including silent verses

The BBQ was fired up and we settled down for a BBQ and tasty side dishes provided by Whistling Two Lips and the Hashers who had read their invitation and came prepared.

Many thanks to WTL and Whistling Two Lips for their wonderful hospitality, to all the Sans Clue hashers, who travelled and made the hash special, and everybody who contributed to a memorable and relaxed extended afternoon hash.

Virgin’s and visitors beware – the hash is generally more basic and certainly less well provisioned.

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Some future dates for your diary.

January 2019 Hares Short Shift - Burns Night Hash

February 2019 - volunteers wanted