MS Online Learning!

The purpose of online learning during school closure is to maintain:

  • routine and sense of normality for students

  • connection with the community in order to sustain morale and emotional well-being

  • continuum of active learning and interaction.

In order to provide routine and clear expectations, students are expected to be available to their teachers during the days and times listed on the "MS School Closure Schedule" below. Please click the appropriate Grade Level tab at the bottom of the schedule.

Additionally, Grade Level tabs at the top of this page provide more detailed, grade specific information about weekly learning engagements. (MYP 1 - Grade 6, MYP 2 - Grade 7, MYP 3 - Grade 8)

Your thoughts, ideas and questions are important to us. You can either email us - Kathleen Bowin, Megel Barker or Claire Anthony or use this form, which is anonymous. If you would like follow up, please provide your name on the form.

During our school closure, online learning can not replicate face to face lesson. Students will independently explore, develop and extend their learning, Approaches to learning skills (ATL skills) and IB Learner profile attributes with the guidance and direction of the teacher. During these times of uncertainty it is important to provide routine, balance and off-line/device free time. Keeping these ideas in mind, below you will find a "Daily Checklist for Wellbeing" which contains suggestions and activities for your Middle School child(ren). Links to additional ideas/activities can also be found here.

We have also many online resources which can support students in their learning engagements. These resources can be found at ABA Online Resources .

In last week's newsletter, Ms. Shih and Mr. Cole outlined unique opportunity for our students. Researchers from the University of Berkeley in California are actively collecting journal entries from student around the world documenting first hand experiences during this challenging time. Please encourage to submit their entries through this link: Living History Opportunity

MS School Closure Schedule
Free eBooks and Audiobooks for Middle School
Checklist Draft