BGE Music

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We plan to have everything live as soon as we can...

Please use the links below to access work from the classes.

Performing resources that are not created by us are available from your teacher - we're not able to share them online at present...

Working Levels

Working level are used throughout BGE to track your progress. They will be used by your teacher(s) to identify how you are furthering your skills and understanding. They will also help you self / peer assess and plan your next steps in your development.

Many of the levels for Performing & Understanding are on the slides presentation on this page for you. You should try use these as a starting point for any reflective activities you are doing - Logs, for example.


new resources are being uploaded in June & August...

S1 Music

Disney Songs

Scottish Songs

New Scottish songs coming in late 2021...

Christmas Songs

New Christmas songs coming in late 2021...

Peter & The Wolf

Rewatch the stop-motion animation:

Literacy & Notation

New resources coming soon...

S2 Music

Carnival Of The Animals

Listen to the suite again with this link:

Musical Instruments

Woodwind Family:

      • Flute

      • Clarinet

      • Oboe

      • Bassoon

      • Saxophone

      • Piccolo

      • Recorder

Brass Family:

      • Trumpet

      • Trombone

      • French Horn

      • Euphonium

      • Tuba

String Family:

      • Violin

      • Viola

      • Cello

      • Double Bass

      • Acoustic Guitar

      • Harp

Percussion Instruments:

      • Xylophone

      • Glockenspiel

      • Vibraphone

      • Timpani

      • Snare Drum

      • Bass Drum

      • Drum-Kit

      • Cymbals

      • Triangle

Keyboard Instruments:

      • Piano

      • Harpsichord

      • Accordion

      • Synthesizer

      • Pipe Organ

      • Computer / Laptop


      • Soprano

      • Alto

      • Tenor

      • Bass

      • Accompanied

      • Unaccompanied ( a cappella)

Techniques / Methods:

      • Blowing

      • Bowing (arco)

      • Plucking (pizzicato)

      • Strumming

      • Slapping

      • Striking

S3 Music

Genres & Styles

Music Tech Skills


Controller Keyboards

Alesis io2 Interface

Adverts Project

Video Gaming Sound Design Project