Breakfast Club

Big Breakfast 2020

Welcome back to a new year at Seaton School.

We understand that many of you are disappointed that the previous Breakfast Club held in the Community Centre is no longer able to run due to some changes in staffing across the city.

We have decided to start a breakfast club at Seaton School run by school staff, volunteers and RADS called The Big Breakfast. We intend to provide you with the most important meal of the day along with the opportunity to take part in some outdoor and indoor activities to wake you up, ready for a busy day at school

Some questions you may have:

Q: When do you start?

A: We intend on starting Big Breakfast on Monday 7th September 2020

Q: What time do you open?

A: 8am

Q: Where does The Big Breakfast take place?

A: In Seaton School Dining Hall

Q: How do we enter the building?

A: We ask that you socially distance by lining up out the front of the school (where the yellow lines are painted) and a member of staff will invite you into school, take a register, show you where to wash your hands and where to sit.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: It will be on a first come/first serve basis and we would like for you to email the school email address if you are interested in joining. Please let us know which days you would like. We will let you know if you get a space and if not then we will add you to a waiting list. Please bear with us for the first few weeks as it will take a while to get all the relevant information.

Q: What happens if I have an allergy or medical need?

A: We have all your information from our school system so we know if you have any dietary requirements or allergies. We also have first aiders on site.

Q: What kind of food will there be?

A: There will be lots of things to choose from - Toast, cereal, fruit and much more!

Q: What about the activities provided?

A: Greg from RADS will be involved in helping with outdoor games and there will be a mixture of indoor activities too. You can choose what you would like to do

Q: How do I get to my class after The Big Breakfast?

A: Staff will accompany children to their staggered entrance point at the appropriate time.

Q: Who is going to look after me?

A: PSAs, teachers, Greg, Miss Verling and Mrs Cameron will all be there to help, especially at the beginning!

Q: Where will I eat, sit and play?

A: There will be designated tables for year group bubbles to sit at but if you are outside you will head for the Astro turf. Greg will have a walkie talkie to help him know who is taking part in outdoor games.

Q: What happens if I decide not to come one day?

A: We would really like to know if you are unable to make it to The Big Breakfast so that we aren’t worried about you so please let us know if you are unable to attend any sessions. Thank you.

Q: Do I need to bring anything to The Big Breakfast?

A: We will provide all the resources you will need. All we need from you is to be wrapped up warmly if you are going to be outside.

Q: How much will The Big Breakfast cost?

A: It is FREE

We really look forward to seeing you there on Monday.

The Big Breakfast Team