Welcome to Oldmachar's Learner Pathways

Helping you choose the right path for your future

As a learner, there are many different learning pathways available to you. The Learner Pathways website aims to provide advice, information and opportunities to help you make informed choices about the right learning pathway for you, and thereby support your move into a positive destination on leaving Oldmachar at the end of S4, S5 or S6.

While Learner Pathways is aimed primarily at young people, it may also be of use to parents and carers, school staff, and other adults who have a role in supporting our learners.


'A learning pathway is the individual learning journey a young person takes towards their future'.

  • Rather than thinking of S1-S3 (BGE Phase) and S4-S6 (S4-S6) as a single year-on-year experience, consider each phase as a 3-year block where you are working towards a portfolio of qualifications.

  • Your portfolio needs to be more than just academic qualifications. It needs to have skills and other meaningful experiences that can be transferred into other areas such as further studies, training and employment.

  • You need to keep your options open, and have parallel plans - a plan A, B, C, etc - that you can switch between as required.