Northfield ACademy

Welcome to the Northfield Academy Transition Website

On this page you will find information about Northfield Academy to help you make the best possible transition from Primary 7 to Secondary.

Even though this year we can't do many things we had planned I hope you can use this site to learn about Northfield Academy and get all your questions answered.

Introduction by Head Teacher

Transition from Primary School to Secondary School is a very exciting time and I am really looking forward to meeting you all. I am sure you will enjoy all the new subjects you will get a chance to experience when you start in August. You will meet lots of new people including other pupils and teachers and have the opportunity to take part in lots of extra-curricular clubs.

Our Vision

We are Northfield Academy.

We are creative, determined, encouraging, responsible and successful.

We maximise opportunities for young people to attain and achieve.

We aspire to be outstanding!

Northfield Values

Values are really important in Northfield Academy.

They guide us on how we should act and what we find important.


We demonstrate this by…

Not giving up

Learning from mistakes

Drafting and redrafting pieces of work


We demonstrate this by…

Being brave enough to ask questions

Coming up with imaginative solutions to classroom issues

Being appreciative and embracing the past while still seeking new and improved ways of doing things.


We demonstrate this by…

Recognising the smallest effort

Understanding and appreciating others’ viewpoints

Making positive comments and having a good upbeat attitude.


We demonstrate this by…

Making decisions for ourselves

Managing our time

Holding ourselves accountable for our actions


We demonstrate this by…

Setting targets and meeting deadlines

Sticking to our commitments

Believing in ourselves

Fulfilling our potential

Staff and pupils can nominate other pupils for any of the values each month. If a pupil has shown to be very encouraging they can be nominated for a value certificate. This is presented once a month in the value assembly. Once a pupil has received all 5 they are presented with a values pin badge to showcase their achievements to the whole school. This can be worn on their uniform to show they are acting in line with our values.


Please find some resources below which may help you further.