December 2022

parent letter 2.12.22.pdf

Potential Strike Action Thursday 8th December

We do not expect that this strike action will impact on staffing at Ashley Road. We expect that school will be open as normal to all pupils.

Respecting Choices @ Ashley Road Religious and Moral Education

At Ashley Road we are very lucky to have a diverse, multifaith school community, where children naturally learn about the values and beliefs reflected in the different family groups. To ensure that we respect the wishes of all families in relation to Religious and Moral Education and the cultural events which take place across a year, we ask that parents consider the points on the form below. If you are happy for your child to participate in all curricular activities, you do not need to complete the form. Please complete this by Friday the 9th of December if necessary.

Some important points to be aware of:

The assumption is that every child takes an active role in every lesson within the curriculum. No Religious and Moral Education lesson on any faith is designed to promote any religion. These lessons are designed to give information and encourage understanding and respect of the similarities and differences between religions.

School communities typically include pupils and staff from a variety of faiths and belief perspectives, and this is taken into account and celebrated when supporting spiritual development/learning about an celebrating events across the year. E.g. Children will learn about events like Christmas, Diwali, Eid Ul Fitr as part of class projects. It is of central importance that all pupils and staff can participate with integrity in forms of RME without compromise to their personal beliefs.

Please answer the questions below carefully to show the various elements of Religious and Moral Education that you the parent/guardian, may wish your child to be withdrawn from. It is the role of the parent to complete a comprehensive list of activities children are not to take part in. Children cannot ‘pick and choose’ the lessons that they would like to join in with throughout the session. If this form is not completed, children will be expected to participate. If you choose to withdraw your child from any of these activities, an independent activity will be arranged.

If you have any questions at all, please get in touch before completing the form.

P4 Swimming

Primary 4 swimming lessons will be weekly on a Thursday morning starting on the 19th of January and the last session will be on the 23rd March. Pupils will be bussed to and from Bucksburn Swimming pool. Room 8 will be leaving school asap after 9am and they'll be back around 11am for a late break. Room 16 will have an early break so they can leave school at 9.45am, and they'll be back to school around 11.45am.

We require parent helpers to accompany the classes each week. If you can help, please get in touch with the school office and we'll be in touch once a rota has been made up.

Road Safety - Parking

I am disappointed to report that a number of parents from within our school community are continuing to drive and park dangerously at drop off and pick up time for school/nursery. I ask in the strongest possible terms that parents and family members carefully consider their morning/end of day arrangements to ensure that they are not putting our children at risk.

  • Do not park or wait on pavements or double yellow lines. This limits viability for children crossing roads.

  • Do not stop in the middle of roads while children get in or out of cars.

  • Do not drive at speed on the roads around school. These are congested roads where many children and families will be crossing at pick up and drop off times.

I will be contacting the City Warden team and Police to request additional visits to our area in an effort to address the problem.

We have a Road Safety Magic show next Friday for all the children to watch, but ultimately, the children will only be safe on the roads around school if we all play our parts in keeping them safe.

Pupil Led Club Success!

We have now reached the end of block 1 of our pupil run clubs this year and the project has been a great success. Staff and club attendees have been unbelievably impressed by the standard of the clubs the children have put together. It has been heartening to see the children really reflect each week on how to organise themselves, and think of strategies to really engage their club members. A huge congratulations to all this Thursday and Friday to celebrate the awesome achievements and to think about the skills they have developed. We will have another block of clubs running later next term, and we will be opening up applications to run these after the winter break.

A Reminder of Dates for Seasonal Events

Each year we have a focus on performance and presentation through the preparation of some seasonal shows, to get us all 'in the spirit' before the winter break. Parents of each class are invited along to see the performance their child is participating in. Below are the dates and times we hope to hold these performances for you to add to your diaries. We will let you know if these are required to change for any reason. The Nursery and P1-3 performances will be held in the school hall and the P4-7 singalong will be in Holburn West Church to enable the larger audience size to attend.

Nursery Singalong

Wednesday 14th December 9:30 - 10:15

Primary 3 Seasonal Show

Tuesday 20th December - 9:30 - 10:30

Cast 1 - P3 Room 6 (appearances from P1Rm2, P2Rm4)

Tuesday 20th December 2:00 - 3:00

Cast 2 - P3Rm7 (appearances from P1Rm9, P2Rm5)

P4-7 Singalong

Monday the 19th of December 1:45 - 2:45

Parent Reporting Info 2022-23.pdf

Interim Reports - Home Today

Today children will have copies of their Interim Report coming home in school bags. These reports share an update on the levels which children are working at presently. No written comments are included on this report. Included in the envelopes is a guide in how to interpret the information included. This is attached here too. If you don't understand anything and would like to seek further clarification, please get in touch.

Flu Vaccine - 9th December

For those families that returned the Flu vaccine letters during Term 1, the vaccines are due to be given on Friday 9th December. If children receive a vaccine they will come home with a letter and guidance from the nurse. For those that missed the deadline for the return of the flu letters, you would need to contact your GP as the nurses can only go with the lists they have from these letters. If your child has now had the flu vaccine since submitting the letter, please email the school office and this information can be passed to the nursing team on the day.

November 2022

SLT Remits

Now that our Senior Learning Team is complete (on an acting basis), we have reviewed the remits which will be led by each member of the team. There will be a gradual transition while staff take on these new roles and get to know the children and families within these remits, which are detailed below.

Mr Rae - Nursery - P3 + Health and Wellbeing

Miss Blair - P4-7 + Supporting Learners with Additional Support Needs

Mr Donaldson - Curriculum development

Acting Principal Teacher

As Miss Blair has now taken on the post of Acting Depute Head Teacher, her Principal Teacher post was sitting vacant. We interviewed last week and I am pleased to say the Mr Barry Donaldson will be taking on the post of Acting Principal teacher from the beginning of December. Mr Donaldson will be involved in curriculum development work, alongside continuing his work with P7Rm10.

SLT Contact - Not Seesaw

If at any point parents wish to get in touch with a member of SLT, this should be done by contacting the office by:

Phone: 01224 588732


We ask that parents do not use Seesaw to contact members of the SLT as this platform is not regularly checked and there is a risk that messages may be missed.

Community Council Event With Real Reindeer!

Another exciting event at Holburn West Church which has been arranged by the Community Council. There will even be a real reindeer there to feed!

Children In Need

Big thanks to all the families who gave donations for Children In Need dress up/down day. We raised £515.57 for Children in Need. A great effort from all!

Primary 4 Swimming

P4 Swimming

Primary 4 pupils will receive swimming lessons through the Aberdeen City Council Primary School Swimming Programme. Lessons will be weekly from January to March (dates and times tbc). Pupils will be bussed to and from the pool at Bucksburn and the lessons will be conducted by qualified instructors.

Please look out for the V4 form, which is part of the Aberdeen City Council procedures for out of school learning activities, which will be sent home with every P4 child and should be returned to school by Friday 2nd December.

P1-3 Multisport Club - We Need You!

We have one parent who has volunteered to set up a P1-3 Multisport extra curricular club, but he cannot do it on his own. We are seeking some parents who would intested in becoming part of a small group who would run the club. Days/times would be arranged to suit the volunteers and all training, PVG, equipment would be supported by Active Schools. If you are at all interested, or would like to find out more, please get in touch via the school office.

Young Journalist Team

Having reviewed all the wonderful articles submitted by those hoping to become one of the schools 'Young Journalists' I met today with the new team. They were were all very exited to take on their new leadership role and will now be seeking out the next big 'scoop'! They will be writing articles about the news around our school community, to be displayed on this screen at the school entrance, to keep us all up to date! I look forward to seeing who/what is considered newsworthy! Christina will also be joining the team!

Christmas Fair Thanks

A huge thanks to everyone who helped out at the Christmas Fair and to all those who came along to enjoy the event. The PTA put in a huge amount of effort to put on these events, both to raise funds for school projects and to support the community spirit of our school. Also a huge thanks to everyone who provided donations for the event. With all 600 tickets sold, the school was absolutely buzzing. The final count has not been completed yet, but I believe the estimated amount is £5000+!

Can For A Cane!

One of our P6 pupils, has set up her own Christmas enterprise to gather foodbank donations for those who need them this Christmas. If you would like to help her and her family out, pop along on the 21st with your donation.

Fresh Start - Literacy

Supporting Learners In Literacy

For pupils in P1 - 3, appropriate support will be given to ensure foundational sounds are secure to enable pupils to read, write and spell with more accuracy and independence. For pupils in P4 - 7 we use the Fresh Start program, which is a progressive literacy intervention which involves children taking part in short, daily sessions as part of a small group, supported by a PSA.

Fresh Start provides systematic and rigorous practice where students learn the 44 common sounds in the English Language and how to sound-blend words over a short period of time, alongside spelling, reading, writing, grammar, proofreading and punctuation.

Pupils are assessed and then grouped according to their levels of reading ability. Teaching in these groups begins with recognition, practice and blending of sounds and graphemes, based on a set of module booklets.

Alongside this, modules are read with words they can sound-blend, so children achieve early success in reading. The more sounds that a pupil learns, the greater the range of texts they can read and the greater success they experience when spelling and writing.

The 34 modules contain carefully composed stories and non-fiction texts. The texts are natural, amusing, and developed for upper stage primary pupils/secondary pupils.

The program is developed to encourage pupils to make strong links between reading and writing, spelling and grammar. Pupil’s writing is developed step-by-step from simple sentences to guided compositions.

Targeted Needs

  • Improve reading ability

  • Develop a good understanding of phonic sounds

  • Develop spelling strategies

  • Build confidence in reading aloud

  • Write sentences more independently

  • Compose pieces of writing with more accuracy.

  • Develop proofreading strategies

  • Deconstruct and compose texts in a range of genres.

Meeting Steve Backshall

Magnus and Dougal had an amazing time meeting Steve Backshall who they thought was was super professional, just as you see him on the telly! They were lucky enough to have this experience after Mangus entered a competition to design his own sea creature. No wonder he won with this awesome creation! The boys were delighted to share their news with everyone today in assembly!

Garden Development - Loose Parts Request

Loose parts wanted for outdoor learning!

We are looking to create an exciting loose parts library that can be used by children during outdoor learning. The loose parts will be used to promote problem solving skills, creativity, taking chances, communicating and many, many more! The loose parts will be used across all areas of the curriculum: maths, literacy, science, technology, engineering and health & wellbeing.

We are hoping to be as sustainable as possible when resourcing the loose parts and are looking to ask local businesses, school staff and parents for any donations. You might be a plumber and have some spare pipes that you could donate; maybe you work in the oil industry and know where to acquire some cable drums or you have a garage full of unwanted treasures waiting for us to use!

Please see the list of possible donations, this is not exhaustive and there may be interesting loose parts that you have hidden away that we haven’t thought of! Please email the school office, or pop in, if you have possible donations or just want to ask if something you have is suitable. Many, many thanks!

Wooden pennies (slices of wood about 3 inches thick)

Logs of different heights and widths

Willow or hazel rods at least 1.5m long

Whiskey barrel planters

Quick drying materials such as fleece blankets and shower curtains

Tarpaulins ( various sizes, types and colours)

Milk and bread crates

Wooden pallets-tough ones in good condition

Cable drums or reels

Tubes, guttering and funnels, bore pipes or hosepipes



Tyres- bicycle, motorbike, go-kart and car tyres

Suitcases or wheeled shopping bags

Portable seats and things to sit on: camping mats, gardening mats or yoga mats!

Old waterproof trousers or dungarees from 4 years to 12 years

Old wellies- any children’s sizes

Message from HWCG

Holburn Community Council Need Your Support

Please see attached message from Holburn West Community Council who are currently working hard to save the church building for community use after it is closed by the Church of Scotland. The building is used at times for school events, and is used every day by the breakfast club, which may have no venue if the building is no longer available. I would encourage our school community to get behind the project as much as we can.

Competition Winners

Our House Captains and Parent Council members took a vote on our 'White Walls' and 'Skills Characters' competitions this week and came up with the following winners!

Winning Walls Design

The wall design was by Jorn in P7. The judges were thoroughly impressed by the eye catching design in the style of Tom Gates.

We will be looking to organise a group of artistically inclined parents, children and staff to make his design a reality!

Winning Skills Characters

Our winning 'Skills Characters' were created by Christina in P6. Her very cool designs stood out and impressed our judges who loved the bright, friendly monsters who subtly reflect each of the skills themes. These characters will now be displayed around the school and used to support discussions with children around their skills development.

P7 Transition Plans

We have been in discussion with the Grammar about P7 transition and what that will look like this year for the P7s. The timetable is still being planned but the types of activities that will happen will be as follows:

During Term 2 (this term) - All P7s will go up to the Grammar to take part in a STEM group challenge along with a HWB Orientation activity. Even children who will move on to different secondary schools will be benefit from taking part in these activities.

During Term 2 and 3 - We will have visits to Ashely Road by a range of Grammar staff including SFL, Numeracy, Guidance team and the DHT. They will work with the children in their classes and begin to get to know them. They will also have the opportunity to speak to the class teachers as well.

During Term 3 - A small group of children may take part in an enhanced transition project where they will go up to the Grammar for visits and will work with the Youth Team and Grammar staff along with pupils from other feeder schools.

Term 4: 'Link Week' on the week of Monday 19th of June. More details about this will be sent out nearer the time.

PTA Christmas Fair

The Ashley Road Christmas Fair will take place on Thursday 24th November 6:45pm-8.30pm.

Ticket letters will have been sent out from school to families this week.

As always to make this event successful we will be looking for parents to volunteer to help. If you would like to help, you can sign up via the following link:

Please check out how to sign up @ Sign Up Genius:

Panto Fun!

Today the Panto visited to put on a performance of Beauty and the Beast. The cheers and singing could be heard throughout the school during the performance. The reviews are in:

"A magical adventure full of humour and thrills!" - Dougal

" I was very impressed there were only four people in the cast and it was very funny!" - Ellen

I found it amazing that they managed to make and perform a full pantomime with just four people! It was an amazing experience, especially for the P7's last panto!" - Peter

"It was one of the funniest pantos I have ever seen." - Ramsay

22 - 23 Events Calendar

Curriculum Whole School Themes

Dates This Session

To connect the learning across the school, we follow a set of 'Our World' themes which all classes explore at the same time, with their own unique angle. In addition to these topics, we often pick up on topical learning themes which link to different times of year/events which are celebrated/remembered annually. This year our House Leader team have selected a range of short focus topical themes which we will all explore together. Please see the Whole School Themes and Events Calendar for more information. If you think you have any skills or talents which might help us on any of these learning themes, please get in touch!

Get Dress Up For Children In Need

This year we will be celebrating and fundraising for Children In Need on the 17th of November! As well as having some fun activities in classes, it will be a dress up or come as you please day. Anyone wishing to donate should bring in money to class to hand in. We look forward to seeing all the creative costumes!

Voice Box Kiosk For Children

This week we introduced four digital ‘Voice Box’ kiosks in school. They are located centrally in areas that all the children pass at break/lunch times and display a ‘single question survey’ (or sometime two or three questions) with the idea of gathering feedback from children frequently in a quick and easy way on an ongoing basis rather than ‘once upon a lengthy google form’. We will be having different questions weekly to gather feedback and staff/pupil house team leaders/parent council will use the information to inform our planning and next steps! This week questions are focused on school lunches, linked to themes that have come up via parent council.

Online 'Voice Box' For Parents

We are always keen to hear about the achievements which children have had out of school, to share and celebrate within classes and at assemblies (this includes a way to upload photos to share). To make it easier for families to share this type of information, as well as any comments, suggestions and offers we have added a 'Voice Box' to the school website (see the link at the top of the page. This simple form will sit open to provide a dedicated route to enable families to share information and provide feedback.

Acting Depute Head Post

At the end of last term, interviews were held for an Acting Depute Head teacher to fill my (Mr Middleton's) previous DHT post. I am happy to share that Miss Heather Blair who had recently taken on the Principal Teacher post will be stepping up into this role on an acting basis to work alongside Mr Rae. Congratulations Miss Blair.

9.11.22 Parent Council Agenda

Next Parent Council Meeting

The next parent council meeting will be held on Wednesday the 9th of November at 7pm in the school dining hall. All are welcome, feel free to come and join us! See the agenda HERE.

Active Schools Festival Programme Term 2

Check out the information about the Active Schools Festival Programme for this term.

School Festivals Term 2 2022

New Pupil Leadership Roles

Young Journalists

We have installed a brand new screen in the school reception area which all the children/staff/parents and families pass every time they move through the school. We are looking to form a team of 'Young Journalists' who will create content about the news around our school community, to be displayed on this screen to keep us all up to date! The articles may even find themselves posted here on the school website!

To Apply:

  • Write an article on a school news story of your choice.

  • It must be on Google Slides and be no more the three slides long

  • Share your article with Mr Middleton by Friday the 11th of November.

  • Don’t forget to check your spelling, grammar and punctuation!

Translating Team

We are looking to really take advantage of the skills and talents which exist within our wonderfully diverse school community. As part of this we are hoping to gather a team of willing bilingual pupil volunteers to become our 'Translator Team' who will help children/families new to the school who have little English on arrival.

So if you speak a second language fluently and would be interested in a leadership role in school, helping to translate for new families - Mr Middleton would love to hear from you as soon as possible!

October 2022

Term 1 Thanks!

A big thanks to all our children and families for what has been a busy, but brilliant first term of the year. Wishing you all a restful October break before we ramp back up for the new term of learning, performances and fun!

Glee Club Sign Up

Mrs Adamson, Miss Jewitt, Miss Young and Miss King will be starting up Glee Singing Club for pupils from P5-7 following the October break. This will take place on a Thursday from 3:15 - 4:15. There is a maximum of 40 places available, which will be allocated in order of request, via Eventbrite.

Any children attending should be prepared to perform at the winter fair on 24th Nov and then at the Glee competition in February.

As children are from P5-7 they will be allowed to walk home from school at 4:15 when the club finishes. If a parent wishes to collect their child from the club each week, please let us know to ensure we do not release the child to walk home if you are held up for any reason.

If you are interested in signing up please follow the link below.

Buddy Time on Teddy Day

I caught P5Rm15 having a lovely time with their P1 buddies, introducing each other to the teddies they had brought in for Teddy Day. A lovely feeling to see them developing relationships and having fun together.

P5 Food Bank Friday Contributions

A big thanks to P5 from a very excited P4Rm16 who collected up the P5 contributions to CFine Foodbank today. They were mightily impressed by how many contributions came in today.

Design Competitions

Skills Characters

To help us all to relate to and discuss the four areas of our new Skills Framework in school, we would like to come up with some characters which represent each of the four skill sets.

Creating Coping Connecting Physical

We are looking for some creative designs from interested children in school, which we hope to have transformed into professional looking versions, which will be displayed in classrooms around the school. If you are keen to be involved, please submit entries with each character drawn large on an A4 piece of paper by Friday the 4th of November.

Skills Framework AR Final.pdf

White Walls To Bright Walls!

During the House Team Leader campaigns, a number of children mentioned wanting to improve our playground by brightening up areas of the playground walls with some exciting designs. As we always want to use these opportunities to develop skills and discover talents, we are asking any interested children to come up with designs for the two wall spaces. The wining designs, (selected by our House Team Leaders) will be painted onto the walls, hopefully by pupils (and maybe some parent helpers). Please use the templates below to draw your designs to scale.

What should I consider for my design:

· Designs should be based on the school values – A ‘Curious aspiring, resilient’ mind and a ‘kind, respectful, inclusive’ heart.

· They should be kept simple to ensure that we can recreate them with paint on the walls and to allow us to fix any designs should they be vandalised.

· Include no more than 10 colours to keep the cost of the paints down.

Good Luck!

Please use the template below to draw out your designs - these have been handed out in school today, or can be printed at home. Returns should be submitted by Friday the 4th of November.

Wall Design.pdf
Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenting OVERVIEW.docx

RSHP Consultation - Final Opportunity To Share Your Views

Many thanks to the five families who were able to make it along to the RSHP consultation on Wednesday this week. It was great to share some of the thinking behind the progression of skills/knowledge we have been working on, and answer the questions that it may raise for some families. As we had a small turnout, to ensure that we have gathered views of anyone who may not have been able to attend before the policy is finalised and introduced at class level, we have provided a final opportunity to submit views HERE via a Google Form. This form will be open until the end of the October break.

Parent Meetings February

Thanks to everyone who made it along to our parent meetings this term. It was lovely to have everyone in school for these meetings for the first time in a number of years. Having reviewed the 'votes' which parents submitted during the recent parent meetings almost all parents opted for in person meetings going forward. Staff also felt that they were able to have more specific and open conversations through this format of meeting. We will therefore go ahead with 'in person' meetings again for our next set in February. The dates for these are in the school calendar HERE if you want to add them to your own calendar.

Drawings by Christina - Team Leader

Teddy Day - House Team Leader Promise!

Non Uniform Day

By Libby P7 - Team Leader

Next Friday (14th October), aka the last day of term, Ashley Road is overjoyed to announce the theme for the special day. Teddy Day! Every child will be allowed to bring their teddy to school. It can sit on their desk ALL day and they can take it outside as well. We do suggest that children don't bring in any toys that hold a great deal of sentimental value. Children are given permission to wear casual clothes for the day.

As another addition to make the day more exciting a 'teddy bear hospital' run by house leaders will be established in the playground. Following the hospital statement, children must not deliberately rip their toys, there will be no needles or anything to sew them up with and the hospital's sole use will be to give the teddies a bandage and sticker.

House Leader Teams

A huge congratulations to our newly elected House Team Leaders.

All the candidates did an amazing job, and we will be looking to draw on lots of the ideas shared the election process, elected or not.

I am very much looking forward to seeing what impact the team are able to have on the school, our improvements and events this session! Our new Team Leaders have already planned our first school event! See 'Teddy Bear Day' above.

Food Bank Fridays

Archie in P4 came up with a brilliant idea - to have a 'Foodbank Friday' collection, to support local foodbanks and families who are struggling with the current cost of living crisis. P4 started things off today with a great collection and we hope that our other year groups will be able to support the initiative on a rolling basis up to the Christmas break. Collections each week will be offered to a local charity, Cfine.

If you wish to contribute, donations of non perishable foods should be handed in to Miss Jewitt's class in Room 16 on the following Fridays.

  • Friday 7th October - P4 started off the food bank collections.

  • Friday 14th October - Primary 5

  • Friday 4th November - Primary 6

  • Friday 11th November - Primary 7

  • Friday 25th November - Primary 4

  • Friday 2nd December - Primary 5

  • Friday 9th December - Primary 6

  • Friday 16th December - Primary 7

Hocky In The Drizzle

In spite of the foul weather almost 90 youngsters showed up on the hockey pitch after school. RGC brought a few teams with them and the children played ‘super sixes’ and ‘fab fours’ for the whole time. Loads of goals and lots of great hockey. A big thanks as ever to all the coaches and parent helpers. The children were super sports and it was an excellent afternoon.

Dates for Seasonal Events

Each year we have a focus on performance and presentation through the preparation of some seasonal shows, to get us all 'in the spirit' before the winter break. Parents of each class are invited along to see the performance their child is participating in. Below are the dates and times we hope to hold these performances for you to add to your diaries. We will let you know if these are required to change for any reason.

Nursery Singalong

Wednesday 14th December 9:30 - 10:15

Primary 3 Seasonal Show

Tuesday 20th December - 9:30 - 10:30

Cast 1 - P3 Room 6 (appearances from P1Rm2, P2Rm4)

Tuesday 20th December 2:00 - 3:00

Cast 2 - P3Rm7 (appearances from P1Rm9, P2Rm5)

P4-7 Singalong

Monday the 19th of December 1:45 - 2:45

School Pick Up - Safety

To ensure that pick up time is a smooth and safe as possible at the end of each day, we ask that any parents entering the playground before 3:15, stay on the black surface area until all the classes have all reached their 'lining up' positions. This is to ensure that the children have clear access across the playground with the teacher maintaining visibility of all pupils until it is time to dismiss them to parents. This can be challenging when families are dotted throughout the playground and

Pick up time is an important time for us to manage risks, particularly as a city centre school surrounded by busy roads. I thank all families in advance for supporting us to ensure this important daily routine is as safe as possible.

September 2022

Extra Curricular Offer

Clubs On Offer Block 1 22/23

Next week we will be starting our first block of lunchtime clubs, run by pupils, supported by staff. The clubs were selected based on the business plans which the children submitted. We have tried to provide a breadth of opportunities across the week for different ages. Those business plans not selected this time around will likely be possible to use during the second block of clubs we have planned to bridge over the Easter break later in the year.

As a trial, booking for all the school run clubs will be via Eventbrite to enable families to have equitable access to bookings and to enable 'waiting lists' to be created easily for any clubs which are oversubscribed. Booking is open now. We ask that families book only one club per child initially until we can see what level of demand there is. It may be that demand outstrips availability so places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. We will let families know next week if there are still spaces available in any clubs. If for any reason you are unable to book via Eventbrite, please email the school office with your club request and we will add your child if there are spaces available.

If at a later date your child decides they do not wish to attend their chosen club any more, please let us know so we can remove their name from the list and provide the opportunity to somebody on the waiting list.

We look forward to seeing all the exciting opportunities that our Club Leaders have been busy planning!

The PTA Fancy Dress Disco is back!

Letters will be coming home giving more information about the upcoming disco and how to purchase tickets.

The PTA are also looking for volunteers to help out at the disco.

Curriculum Ideas - Parent Input

Any ideas on whole school themes you might like to see us cover/explore with the children this session? Complete THIS form below to let us know! We will be asking the children too and coming up with a combined plan of important dates for the session.

Examples of common themes:

Comic Relief

Odd Socks Day (Downs syndrome awareness)

World Book Day

Getting Involved In School Life

We Need You!

Helping Out The School

Cost Of The School Day Policy - We are looking to set up a short life working group to develop a policy approach for Ashley Road School in relation to the 'Cost Of The School Day' guidance from Scottish Government. Participation may mean attending a few brief meetings, likely online and consulting on a draft policy as it is developed. If you would like to participate, click HERE to volunteer.

Outdoor Learning/Environment - We will be doing a lot of work this session on developing our outdoor garden space and possibly the playground area to better prepare them for outdoor learning. If you would be interested in getting involved click HERE to volunteer.

Classroom Helpers - If you have some time and would be interested in helping out in school on a regular basis, we would be keen to hear from you. Click HERE to volunteer.

Active Schools Volunteer Recruitment

The Extra Curricular Offer

Active Schools are always looking for parents/guardians to lead and support extra-curricular activities. We have a small cohort of dedicated parents who already provide amazing extra curricular experiences for our pupils on a weekly basis. As the children of these parents move further through the school, it becomes increasingly important that we recruit the 'next generation' of helper. Could it be you?

  • Extra-curricular sessions can be held before school, lunchtime and after-school dependant on volunteer availability.

  • All extra-curricular sessions require two volunteers with one having a first aid qualification.

  • Active Schools will put volunteers through the PVG Scheme, GIRFEC (Child Protection Training) and First Aid Training (if required)

  • Active Schools can provide resources to aid delivery and will manage all of the administration that comes with extra-curricular clubs (facility booking, sign up information/ link and register pack).

  • Sessions usually run for an hour max and the length of a block can vary depending on volunteer availability. If there are a few parents/guardians interested in a specific session then we can look to work on a rotational basis.

  • Clubs which it would be possible to introduce, which are not currently running at Ashley Road are:

Running (P4-7)

Junior Jog (P1-3)

Netball (P4-5)

Multisport (P1-3)

Basketball (All Ages)

Parent Council/PTA AGM 22nd September 7PM

On Thursday the 22nd of August the school will host a combined Annual General Meeting for the Parent Council and PTA. All families are welcome to come along, and may wish to join either the PTA or Parent Council following the session. If you wish to attend , please come along to school and we will direct you to the correct place.

Parent Council - The Parent Council helps to create an environment where all parents know that their views matter, and where they feel confident and comfortable putting them forward. They work on behalf of all parents to discuss educational matters that are of importance to all. They do not get involved in individual matters relating to children or staff in the school.

PTA - PTA stands for Parent Teacher Association. The PTA supports the school by raising money to enhance, enrich and improve learning experiences for all pupils. The PTA forms close ties with the school community, through community events such as discos and fairs,to help parents become more positively engaged in their children's education and school life. There's also a social aspect to the PTA: parents are able to get together, meet parents of children in different year groups and work alongside each other while raising money for the school and supporting its aims.

RSHP - Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood Parent Engagement Event

This term we have been working on updating the school Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood (RSHP) policy and approaches based on Scottish Government guidance. This guidance provides a progressive framework for pupils ages 3 up 18 years old which aim to provide education that:

  • Helps protect children and young people from harm and supports them to understand that friendships and personal relationships should be healthy, happy and safe.

  • Is based on source material that is age and stage appropriate, so that teachers can focus on building relationships with learners.

  • Reflects a modern and inclusive Scotland where we value and respect the human rights of everyone.

This process has kicked off with a staff consultation session, from which we have started to adapt the progressions and documents to fit our school community. We would now like to hear the views of families from within our community. To do this we will be holding a consultation event on Wednesday the 12th of October at 6:30 in the school hall. If you wish to attend, please complete the form HERE, to allow us to plan for numbers. If you are unable to make it along but would like to share your thoughts, please get in touch via the school office.

With a diverse school community, we would expect there to be a range of views within our school community. We will do our best to find some common ground in our approach, and be transparent with families around the themes covered at different ages/stages. To this end, feel free to explore the draft policy and learning overview documents below.

Ashley Road Health and Wellbeing - RSHP Policy

Draft RSHP Policy Document

Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenting OVERVIEW.docx

Draft RSHP Progression Overview

Parents Evenings P1-7 4th and 6th October

We look forward to inviting all families into school this year for the first setof the parents evening meetings. These will take place on Tuesday the 4th and Thursday the 6th of September and this time will be in person, in school. For this first meeting we hope everyone will be able to make it along and take advantage of another opportunity to be in the school building.

Although the appointments are in person, booking will be online via the same system used previously. You can book an appointment be going to the address below and logging in using pupil and parent details. The information you use to login must match exactly what we hold on our school system, so if you are struggling to login, please call the school office who will support.

The booking window closes on Tuesday the 27th of September at 12pm.

If for any reason you are unable to attend an appointment, please cancel with as much notice as possible by calling the school office or cancelling via the online system. During the final parents evening of last session, there was a high number of 'no show's' resulting in teachers time being wasted unnecessarily. Please help us to make best use of this time which is set aside to meet with parents.

On the evening we will be seeking feedback form families regarding the format of these events going forward, e.g. whether they should be: in person, online, or a blended model of the two options.

Dates for the future parent meetings can be found on the Calendar page if you wish to add them to your own diary.

House Team Leader Election Speeches

Our wonderful P7 have had a real focus on developing their 'Connecting' skills over the last few weeks while preparing speeches for the House Team Elections this week. Those through to the next round will be delivering their presentations to the whole school across two assemblies and awaiting the verdict of the vote. We are always soo impressed by the courage and resilience which our children show, as well as their wonderfully catchy taglines!

The lucky three from each house will become 'House Team Leaders' for their house who will take on some key leadership responsibilities, one of which we will be in delivering three, whole school house events this session... no easy task. Can't wait to see who the lucky 12 are!

Scottish Mathematical Challenge 2022-23

Every year the children in P7 are offered the chance to take part in the Scottish Mathematical Challenge competition. This year we have had our biggest number of children choosing to take part. 16 children in total!

The challenge consists of 3 sets of 3 maths problems. The problems are released in August, October and February. The children have to complete these problems independently in school where they have to plan their time to complete them, often using some of their own lunchtimes and where possible some time in class.

After each set is marked the children will be able to see their scores and see how they are doing. At the end each child will get a certificate and depending on their score they may receive a Gold, Silver or Bronze certificate.

Good luck to all the children - they are tricky problems to solve!

P3 Football Skills

A big thanks to Junior in P3 who had the courage to ask to set up a P3 Football Skills club over lunch times. Today was the first session which focused on shooting skills and it went brilliantly! He has been ably supported by Benjamin in P6 who volunteered to help things run smoothly. This small club activity was 'Young person initiated and directed' putting it at the top level of our pupil leadership scale! Well done Junior!

Netball Fridays

Today was our first Netball Friday! This time we have Ellen in P7 to thank for volunteering to be a referee and oversee the organisation of the teams/games. We will rotate between P7, P6, P5 and P4 so each year group will have the opportunity to take part once a month. There were so many people who wanted to get involved today that we will have to introduce a sign up sheet for coming weeks and will have 4 teams of 7 participating.

Clubs - Pupil Leadership Opportunities

In assembly this week we have asked the children to think about the clubs they would like to see running over lunchtimes. We have also asked the older children to consider which clubs they feel they might have the skills and leadership capability to lead themselves (supported by a staff member)! We will be collating all the responses of our club 'Asks' and 'Offers' to create a timetable of clubs across the week. Working with Active School and with volunteers from our own staff team who will give up time over their lunch breaks to facilitate the clubs, we hope to offer a range of extra curricular options in school and beyond.

We are always looking for parent volunteers who may have skills, interest and time to help to enhance this offer. If you are interested at all, please get in touch.

We will share a timetable in the coming weeks with families so you know what will be available for this first block of time.

Queen Elizabeth - Platinum Jubilee Book

All children have been gifted a 'Queen Elizabeth Platinum Jubilee' book by the government to mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. These books will come home in school bags today.

Grammar Rugby 'Come and Try'

See information here on the Grammar Rugby event which is taking place this weekend on Rubislaw pitches. Something you may wish to go along to, even if only for the breakfast rolls and home bakes!

Monthly Uniform 'Drop in' Store

The PTA have kindly offered to start back up the 'Uniform Drop In Store' where they are in school to help parents purchase uniform. This runs on the first Monday of each month from 3:00 - 3:30. A big thanks to the PTA team for helping with this!

August 2022

P2 - 7 Open Afternoons - Visit Your Childs Class

We will be holding open afternoons on Monday the 12th and Tuesday the 13th of September from 2:15 - 3:00pm for families of pupils from P2-7. P1 families will have the opportunity to visit classrooms during the P1 Curriculum evening next week. This will be an informal opportunity to visit to your child's class and say hello to the class teacher. To ensure that classrooms do not become too congested, we ask that all families with surnames beginning with a letter between A and M attend on Monday the 12th and all families with a surname starting with a letter between N - Z come attend on Tuesday the 13th.

One of the focus areas on our improvement plan this session is 'Skills' so we will be arranging a simple 'Skills Hunt' using the newly developed Skills Framework which staff and pupils worked together to create last session. If you fancy giving it a go, parents and children will be go on a hunt to find the skills missing from the framework which will posted up around the school.

This event does not provide the appropriate confidential setting for an update on children's progress and attainment but there will be time to have these discussions at parent meetings later this term.

You don't need to RSVP, just come along on the day. We look forward to seeing many of you there.

Welcome to Miss Blair our new Principal Teacher

Miss Heather Blair is our new Principal Teacher at Ashley Road. She has a B.Ed (Hons) in Primary Education and a Post Graduate in Middle Level Leadership. Over the past 10+ years, Miss Blair has taught in several wonderful schools in Aberdeen City. Over lockdown, Miss Blair completed all core levels in Makaton and has gone on to attend further Makaton courses - her favourite is using Makaton with Singing. She loves teaching all different subjects, but if she had to choose a favourite subject to teach, it would be Extended Writing (although dance is a close second).

PE Kit

PE kits are back! This year we are getting back into routines of changing into a PE kit for our PE lessons.

Our kit is a red t-shirt, black shorts/jogging bottoms and trainers/ plimsoles. The t-shirt and shorts can be purchased from the school PTA using the form below should you wish. The kit can be kept in school on a peg and will come home only when it needs a good wash. For any children with pierced ears they should keep a roll of micropore tape in their gym kit to cover them during PE. Children with long hair should be able to tie this back for PE.

We do PE outdoors in (almost) all weathers so jogging bottoms can be a good idea for warmth, and the protect knees if children trip or slip on the concrete surface.

As we have not used PE kit for so long many families may no longer have PE kit in a suitable size for their child. We will give a grace period over the new month for families to organise new kits this term.

Links here to order forms for PE Kit.

P1-4 Outdoor Learning Sessions with Mrs Shepherd

We'd like to welcome Mrs Lindsay Shepherd to our Ashley Road team as Outdoor Learning Teacher. Mrs Shepherd has a range of teaching experience from Nursery to P7 in Aberdeen City as well as Shire. She specialises in outdoor learning following her families 6 1/2 years in Houston where she was an outdoor learning leader with Tinkergarten. Since returning home to Aberdeen, Mrs Shepherd is bringing her enthusiasm of the great outdoors and adventure to the children in her classes and we can't wait to get outdoors, play and learn together.

This term she will be working with classes P1 to P4 on a Tuesday and Wednesday in a 'Team Teach' approach with the class teachers. This means that we will be outdoors in all weathers so it requested that your child comes to school with appropriate clothing, welly boots, waterproof jacket, waterproof trousers and as we get into winter, hats, gloves etc, on these days.

We we be hoping to use some pupil leadership and gather some parent helpers to develop our outdoor space as part of our School Improvement planning this session. Keep an eye out for messages coming out regarding opportunities to get involved!

School Improvement Plan 22-23

I would like to draw your attention to our School Improvement plan for this session. It sets out our plans in terms of school improvement, which is an ongoing process cycle each year. This session we have four action plans focused on the following themes:

  1. Development of approaches and attainment in writing

  2. Discussing Developing and Demonstrating Skills

  3. Curriculum (including playful and outdoor learning)

  4. Health and Wellbeing

If you wish to explore these in more detail, please have a look at the 'action plans' document below. We will be asking for some feedback from parents in the coming weeks to help us consider the direction that each of these improvements take, and the role families may be able to play in helping to push the improvements forward.

Actions Only.pdf

School Google Calendar

We have added a Calendar page to the school website with a Google Calendar which will be updated with key school dates and events that you may wish to add to your diary. Hopefully this approach will help families to plan ahead and give a central place to go back and check 'what's on'. Be aware there are always changes to the original dates set out at the start of the year, so the calendar is likely to be subject to change at times, but we will let you know when this happens.

The calendar page can be found on the tabs at the top of the page or HERE

Welcome Back Everyone! And Welcome To Our P1s and New Pupils

It has been lovely to see so many new faces joining us this session, both children and families. Our P1 teachers have been most impressed by how well the children have transitioned into school each morning and the stamina they have shown in getting through their first week. We have also had lots of new families that it has been lovely to welcome into the Ashley Road School Community.