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Mr. Bill Hanrahan has taught social studies in the United States, China and Vietnam. After finishing university, Bill worked for a magazine and radio station in Phoenix, Arizona. He also interned for the History Channel in New York City. He later obtained his master's degree in social studies education and certifications in special education. He spends most of his free time reading, gardening, traveling and doing fitness. I’m also interested in DIY and volunteering. You can visit my blog here.

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I currently work as the Social Studies Teacher and Technology Education Coach and at ISHCMC-American Academy. I am a Syracuse University adjunct professor for Entrepreneurship and Psychology. Students can earn 3 Syracuse transferable college credits if they pass these classes. I run the student video production team and a school garden club. My technology roll is to integrate useful computer technology skills throughout the student body and staff to make learning more interactive. I was the organizer of the first TEDxISHCMCAmericanAcademy and several school film festivals.

Growing up in a large family allowed me to experience the value of group interaction. I teach my students that they can all learn from each other, much like my siblings and I did. I firmly believe the world is our classroom. When grocery shopping, using the metro, learning a new language, opening a bank account or going to college, our students will never stop learning how the world works.

Teaching isn't just my career, its my lifestyle. I spend about 90% of my week at school building relationships with students that will last a lifetime. I believe a school is a place students are excited to come to. Day in and day out, I am there to advise, mentor, and guide students through their challenges and towards their career aspirations.

Being an athletic leader in my early years gave me the valuable knowledge of how engage our youth. I was lucky enough to work with a variety of talented students. It was what landed me a position as the Teachers Assistant in the special education department. I was the go-to teacher for nearly all the events and after school athletics. I took charge of a community sponsored event called “Friday Night Up all Night” for younger children. Being able to see some of the students that struggled in a classroom, but excelled in an atmosphere where having fun was the only learning standard, shaped how I involve myself in schools today. I strongly believe a school is a place students should be excited to come.