Upcoming Events

Week of October 15th

Wednesday @ 8:30a.m. - Livermore High School Small Group

Wednesday @ 12:19p.m. - Dougherty Valley High School Office Hours

Thursday @ 10a.m. - Monte Vista Office Hours

Thursday @ 12:35p.m. - Monte Vista Small Group

3rd Thursday Workshop @ 6:30 - California High School


Panel: Community Parent, College Student, College Administrator


African American Scholars Project mission is to provide learning, resources, and networking opportunities in tri-valley communities to adequately prepare students and their families for education at institutions of higher education.


  • AASP will provide culturally relevant programming that addresses identity development, emotional wellness, and college preparedness to all its participants.
  • AASP will empower student participants to be confident in their identity by providing resources, artifacts, and activities that promote positive identity development.
  • AASP will encourage the positive use of student voice to share their stories in a way that encourages community at their school sites.


  • To address issues of disparity around college preparedness for the African American high school student population
  • To increase the percentage of students who matriculate into community colleges and/or four year universities
  • To improve feelings of belongingness in high school communities
  • To improve self-esteem through identity development and academic success
  • To increase high school activity participation as a result of community building and a more accepting campus climate

Participating School Districts