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The Mission Statement of Scarlett Middle School Student Council is to engage, inspire, and empower others. We will make positive changes within our school and community that benefit all. We will encourage leadership. We view differences and diversity as an essential part of our organization. We will demonstrate continuous growth and improvement.

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Scarlett History

Scarlett opened in Fall 1968. Determined to name it Scarlett after Mary Scarlett in a board meeting. She was a long time teacher in Ann Arbor Public School. Was called a junior high for a long time then called a middle school. In the 80s it changed into a middle school (6, 7, 8 grades). Mary Scarlett didn’t just serve at Scarlett, served at other elementary and middle schools. Recognized with her service. Rich with multiple cultures with diverse cultures. One of the most diverse schools in the district. Attempts of different initiatives throughout its history. Was one of the one on one device schools. NASA school because of a program. 8 years ago, Scarlett became an IB school, not just Scarlett but created a pathway (Mitchell, Huron, Scarlett). Also, Bryant and Pattengil will become IB in the next 1-2 years. Big component of Scarlett was the IB for students to be inquirers. Assistant principal helps the principal to make school better. Construction took place in about 1965. Mr. Joseph Vasqon was the first principal of Scarlett Junior High (at the time). Used to be a wooded area before Scarlett was being constructed. Portfolio Day for 8th graders happened consistently for over 25 years. Portfolio Day is you making a portfolio so that people can hire you.


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