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Clague Middle School 8th Grade Washington DC-Gettysburg

Overnight Field Trip 2020

October 20th- October 23rd

CMS Washington D.C.

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Welcome to our site!

Over the past thirteen years, Clague Middle School has sponsored tours for our students providing them with a chance to experience the excitement associated with important places and events. Back in 2008 Principal Cindy Leaman saw the need for a more educational curriculum based field trip for 8th grade students and led the first Gettysburg/Washington D.C overnight field trip.

We are pleased to announce the overnight field trip for our eighth grade students will take place in the fall. This will be a three-day, three-night experience to our nation’s capital. It will be an exciting adventure to culminate the students’ years at Clague Middle School, as well as, an educational opportunity in which they will participate in a variety of day and evening activities.

This field trip connects to the Ann Arbor Public Schools district curriculum and follow the Michigan Content Standard Course of Study. Many of the destinations planned for this trip are directly related to the curriculum. This will be a great experience to explore museums, monuments, historical sites and much more that are directly related to what students learn in the classroom.


8th grade Gettysburg/Washington D.C. trip Educational travel further augments our existing 8th grade American History curriculum.

Given the success of this and subsequent trips, we anticipate that this year's trip will provide students with a unique, interactive learning experience, as well as opportunities for personal growth, maturity, and independence.

Each year between 70- 80% of the class grade attend. Currently we have 230 students eligible to attend. It is our hope that all our 8th grade students will meet the eligibility criteria to be able to join us, though participation is voluntary. The cost for the 2020 eighth grade trip is $799 per student (based on four to a room occupancy). We have reserved 160 seats. All registrations thereafter will be waitlisted.


  • Bring history alive for students, increasing their appreciation and understanding of the past.

  • Develop students’ interpersonal skills

  • Enable students to grow individually in assuming responsibility for themselves.

  • Spark a lifelong ability to take on any new experiences with confidence.

  • Help students become global citizens.

Payment Schedule:

Deposit: $240.00 per person due on or before 02/10/20

2nd Payment: $240.00 per person due on or before 04/10/20

3rd Payment: $240.00 per person due on or before 05/11/20

Final Payment: Due on or before 06/10/20

Late Payments: Payments must be prompt in order for us to meet obligations with our suppliers. Late payments may result in space being cancelled and cancellation fees being assessed. Payments received after the due dates will incur a $25 late fee. The school cannot be responsible for these fees.

This list is not intended to be inclusive of all expectations but is offered as a guide for your conversation before your child embarks on our trip. Thank you in advance for taking the time to review proper behavior with your child. Please include all personal expectations that your family would want to see while on vacation.

Student Eligibility:

As much as we would like every student to join us in Washington, this is still a school sponsored activity. As with any school trip, there are expectations for participation and standards for student behavior, maturity, and responsibility.

Though the minimum requirements for eligibility are listed below, we hope that the anticipation of this unique educational experience will serve as an incentive to ensure the excellent behavior we have come to expect and enjoy from CMS students.

Grades and Behavior - It is a privilege, not a requirement for students to participate in the 8th Grade Washington D.C. trip. All students must meet certain requirements in order to participate. Students who have displayed academic success, having received no less than an academic grade of “C”, and have conducted themselves in a respectable manner throughout the year will be eligible for this field trip. Any student whose behavior is deemed detrimental to the success of the trip will be restricted from participating in the trip. Such determination will be made by the school administration. Eligibility begins the day after the first parent meeting held January 9th.

Online Registration and deposit received by Corporate Travel. CTS handles all reservations and payments. We do not accept them at school. Completed paperwork is required and an initial payment secures your reservation.

Forms to be completed and returned to the main office NOW: Click the "FORMS" tab at the top of this page.

Behavior Compliance Agreement ( sign and return to main office only after initial deposit has been made.)

Liability Release Form ( sign and return to main office only after initial deposit has been made.)

Forms to be completed in the fall during registration 2020-2021:

Health Information Form for School Sponsored Trip ( Return in the fall).

Remind your child that they must demonstrate appropriate behavior throughout the school day during the remainder of the school year and the entire trip.

  • Maintain good academic standing

  • Adhere to financial timeliness

  • Student will be denied the opportunity to attend the field trip if they are unable to adhere to school policy and classroom procedures

  • Attend the final parent and student meeting in the fall. Date TBD.

This opportunity will be available to all eighth grade students. Certain obligations and responsibilities are required on the part of the staff, students, and parents. The staff of Clague Middle School has accepted the responsibility of chaperoning the students. The students must assume their responsibilities by demonstrating acceptable and respectable behavior while at school and while on the trip. Parents must make sure that their child understands the rules and agrees to abide by them before and throughout the duration of the trip. Students who fail to meet certain guidelines may lose the privilege of participating in the eighth grade trip.

The following is a list of behaviors that may deem a student ineligible for participation. Please read over this list and be aware of the consequences of chosen behaviors:

  1. Excessive detentions assigned by teachers and administrators for disciplinary reasons

  2. Suspension

  3. Excessive school absence and/or tardy to school

  4. Excessive office VOE (Violation of Expectations) referrals

In addition, there are several requirements that students participating in the trip must meet that relate to physical stamina. All students must be able to accomplish the following:

  1. Function without direct adult supervision (for example: 8 hours in a hotel room at night)

  2. Be aware of their surroundings and responsible for their own safety

  3. Communicate their needs to others

  4. Follow oral instructions

  5. Stay with an assigned group

  6. Keep up with a moderate pace

  7. Adapt to schedule changes and routine changes

  8. Function on less than normal sleep

  9. Be comfortable being away from home for an extended period of time

An administrator will meet with any student who faces the potential of non-participatory status. The parent(s) will be notified of the final decision. A decision made by the school for non-participation can occur any time up to the time of departure.

Proper Cell Phone/Technology Use: Only necessary calls, no prank calls. No Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram, recording of students. No lewd phrases, insensitive comments toward any group, swearing or vulgarities by phone or text. No sexting or sexually explicit talk or text. Student cell phones will be confiscated for the remainder of the trip if the student is not using the phone responsibly. Remind child of time that is best to call. (It should not be during tours. I suggest during meal times.) Students will call 30 minutes before we return on Friday, be prepared to receive call. Do not turn off your cell phone if this is the only way you can be reached.

Bus Trip and Basic Rules: When an adult speaks quiet down and listen. Remain seated on the bus or during presentations. On the bus, students are assigned zones. No horseplay, No leaving alone, No commingling on halls, No leaving rooms after curfew, No pranks. Treat everyone pleasantly and respectfully. Practice random acts of kindness. Students are expected to help out when they can. They are to leave the area better (cleaner) than we found it. No switching buses. No switching rooms. No phone calls home to complain.

Sample minor infractions: Students must remain in front of building(s) and no horseplay or running while buses are being loaded, never run in streets or parking lots. Yelling, running, excessive talking during learning time is not tolerated. Failure to make appropriate departure times, (holding up an entire school). Not adhering to dress code, green shirt must always be worn. Students should never be alone. Being on the wrong floor or wrong room is not tolerated. No swearing or inappropriate language. Students cannot order food to be sent to the room.

Sample major infractions: Inappropriate behavior as deemed by Mr. Carter or student’s chaperone such as: Student found in other persons hotel room. Breaking curfew. Prank Phone calls. Trashing hotel (or anything). Disturbing others on vacation. Purchase or use of laser pointer or other laser device. (Additionally, device will be confiscated) Repeated minor violations.

Possession or use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, vapes or any other illegal substance. Possession or use of firearms, weapons, or explosive devices. Theft of any kind the Police ( and not the 80s band) will be involved and student will go home at parent’s expense.

Q: Are parents allowed to sign up for the trip as chaperones?

A: The number of chaperones is partly dictated by the number of students participating and the number of staff available to serve. At this stage of planning, we still do not know the final number of students enrolling for the trip. For now, we encourage parents interested in acting as chaperones to keep their calendars clear for the trip dates (Oct 20-23rd) and put aside the necessary funds $949 double occupancy rate. IF you are interested in serving as a chaperone, please send Mr. Carter an email and I will send you an interest form to complete.

Q: Can parents drive to Washington D.C. on their own and see their kids?

A: Our nation is a public venue and families are welcome to visit Washington D.C. at the same time as their children. However, students who go on this school trip MUST stay with the tour at all times. Parents, for example, cannot "borrow" their child for the day, or even a portion of the day, while the child is on our trip. If parents are in D.C. they may not travel with our tour or join us on our tour. This is for liability reasons. With the multitude of child custody issues that exist today, our tours are "closed" to anyone other than our chaperones and our students. If parents are in the D.C. area, or if a student has family in the D.C. area who would like to see the child, we can arrange for a supervised visit during lunch. However, in this situation, the individual(s) having a supervised lunch with our group must contact the CMS office at least 14 days in advance of our trip and submit a copy of their drivers licence and fill out a volunteer information sheet. Because our children travel in groups, anyone interacting with our students must undergo a complete background check...even to join us for lunch.

Q: Fundraising/Scholarship money?

A: Each year, in the fall CMS host a school-wide fundraiser and request families to donate to our PTSO “Washington DC Scholarship Fund”. These funds will then be placed in a PTSO account to provide trip scholarships to students with financial need up to $300.00. Priority is given to students who are eligible for Free or Reduced lunch.

How It Works:

  1. Parent/Guardian is required to register and submit the first payment and all subsequent payments, before any scholarship money is applied to the student account. We do not accept money at school. Completed paperwork is required and an initial payment secures your reservation.

  2. Parent/Guardian contacts school principal to make a declaration of financial need through an email.

  3. Parent/Guardian is sent a link to complete a form. Principal approves the request.

  4. After the trip close date, principal applies funds to the students account with the travel company. *Note all remaining payments must be made by agreed upon due dates.

We believe that taking an active hand in raising at least a portion of their own funds, students will be learning about long-term planning, time management, and fiscal responsibility. To this end, we encourage students to seek opportunities to forgo birthday gifts, rake leaves, shovel snow, collect cans/bottles, or walk neighbors pets or set up “Go Fund Me” accounts.

We recognize that this is a large expense to some families but believe the opportunity is value added for all. Thank you in advance for your generosity and investment in our students!

Q: What will my child be doing if he/she doesn't go on the trip?

A: As with several other details of the trip, the answer partly depends on the number of students going to Washington. If a larger number of students participate, a proportionately larger number of staff will also be absent from school. For the students staying behind, it is likely that a good portion of their three days will be spent participating in activities prepared by our remaining team.

If a smaller number of students participate in the trip, it is likely that more of a regular schedule will be followed at school with classes being taught primarily by the regular staff members remaining behind. As above, an effort will be made to provide activities similar in topic to those experienced in Washington.

After saying all of this, we have had huge success with our student trips. I contribute it to having the partnership of parents who reinforce the importance of following expectations when traveling with a large group. The students are learning that with additional freedoms more responsible behavior is expected from them. This is a great introduction to behaviors expected in high school and beyond.


Online booking is simple, below are are a few helpful tips to make your booking journey successful:

  • Register from your cell phone or computer by clicking here: CTS REGISTRATION

  • If the first (4) buses fill, the trip will go ‘on reserve’ (a wait list process). Again begin using the trip link and click Book Now!

QUESTIONS? If you have any questions, or would like assistance booking, please call the CTS office at 866-550-1081 to reach the reservation agents – they are happy to assist! Please note the 24-hour return call policy.


Behavior Compliance Agreement.pdf

Behavior Compliance Form

Please complete and return to main office

Liability Release - Washington DC - Sheet1 (1).pdf

Liability Release Form

Please complete and return to main office

Health-Med Form (F).pdf

AAPS Health Information Form for School Sponsored Trip Form

This form should be completed and returned during the fall registration.