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Newsroom is your portal of AAP content, planning and imagery.

AAP’s Newswire is the beating heart of Australian news. Our wire stories are fed into most Australian newsrooms, influencing the agenda every hour and minute of every day.

AAP stories are delivered by a national network of professional journalists and producers in a continuous stream – as it happens - to meet the strict demands of publishing, corporates, government and media organisations.

Our content in one place, ready to publish

Search, filter and browser the latest AAP content. From Sport to Politics and Entertainment. Copy, download and track stories, ready to publish.

Archive and partner content on aapX

Local content is complemented with rich content from our global partner agencies such as PA, AP and EPA. And give context to the current stories with archival content.

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Planning tools to keep you ahead of the game

Agenda, our planning and diary tool for content producers and news professionals.

AAP Agenda is AAP’s diary and planning tool. Request coverage information, track developments, access richer details such as overview, time and date of publication, content schedule and maps and know exactly what AAP is going to bring you every minute of every day.

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