Treatment Facilities

Treatment Facilities Committee

Treatment is older than A.A. itself, and was largely unsuccessful until A.A. Bill Wilson was a patient in several facilities, including extended stays in Townes Hospital in New York City. After Bill got sober, he returned to Townes Hospital where he helped others to achieve sobriety. Our other co-founder, Dr. Bob S., is credited with sobering up over 5,000 alcoholics at City Hospital and St. Thomas Hospital in Akron, OH. Treatment and A.A. have worked hand and hand ever since.

Cooperation with Treatment Facilities (CTF) is still an important opportunity for people to help those realizing how the First Step relates to them. In the spirit of rotation, you have a unique opportunity to share your experience, strength and hope with newcomers at meetings held in facilities. You will be asked to take an A.A. meeting in about once every 4-6 weeks. We currently operate on a six week rotation, so every six weeks we catch the next group in treatment. You may attend more often if you wish.

CTF is making a HUGE difference out there. Anyone interested in CTF service can contact one of our committee members via e-mail through this website or learn more by coming to our quarterly business meeting. There you can ask questions and hear more about what we do, and what you might do to get involved. The committee meets at 6:00 PM on the last Wednesday of every quarter (end of January, April, July, October) at the Oregon City Shari's Restaurant, 1926 McLoughlin Blvd., Oregon City (Jct 99E/I-205). Email us if you have any questions.

M-40i - Treatment Facilities Workbook