Grapevine Committee

Grapevine Representative

The District 15 Grapevine Representative (GVR) helps those who can't get to a meeting because they're at work, at home, or in an institution. The GVR links the Grapevine magazine to these members of the Fellowship who might not otherwise read it or even be aware of it.

The GVR’s basic job is to work with the groups within the District, getting information about the Grapevine to members, promoting its use through familiarization, and encouraging subscriptions so that those that can't get out can still have a "meeting in print".

The GVR may also conduct workshops about the many books, CDs, ebooks, audio tapes, and calendars that the Grapevine publishes. They may also participate in workshops in conjunction with other service entities to bring awareness of the Grapevine and how it carries the AA message. It is suggested that the GVR have at least one year of sobriety.

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