Corrections Committee

Cooperation With Correctional Facilities

If you've ever been in jail then you know that the AA meetings brought to guests of the county can be a life saver. Taking meetings into the jail is a powerful way to give back to our friends behind bars; District 15 invites you to partner with our Corrections Committee. Become part of a dedicated team that takes AA meetings into the Clackamas County Jail. The Corrections Committee meets once a quarter (check the calendar to see when the next one is, usually in January, April, July, and November).

Read the section below on "How to Get Into The County Jail" for information on required information and forms to fill out to get clearance.

M-45i - Cooperation with Correctional Facilities Workbook

How to Get Into The County Jail

What do you need in order to bring the message of AA into Clackamas County Facilities? Here are the steps we took:

Once you complete these steps, stay in contact with your District 15 Women's or Men's Corrections Chairperson to ensure that you have a meeting waiting when your approval comes in.