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Why a heart for a logo? We truly care about each patient's situation and do our very best to accomodate their needs. Dealing with insurance carriers and being in need of medical supply for your health can all be very overwhelming and complicated. That is where all american medical supply is there to show you some love by navigating you through the process.

Our Scope of practice includes: Incontience Supply, Compression Wear, Mastectomy products, Mobility & assistive devices, Diabetic & Orthopedic Footwear, Breast Pumps, Uroglogicals, Ostomy Products, Bathroom Safety Equipment, Tens Units, Nebulizers, Orthopedic Supports,CPAP supply and Wound Care.

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Patient Responsibility

It is important for you to cooperate with all american medical supply as we assist you in finding medical equipment and supplies. Coverage is not guaranteed by insurance carriers and the end responsbility always falls on the patient themselves.

TIP: Check with your insurance carrier for coverage. Obtain a reference number of your call- keep records

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Medicare Standards

Medicare requires that providers hold certain standards to be able to service benficiaries. This is what makes us different from your online medical supply source or big box drugstore. Standards we uphold allow us the ability to assist you with billing your insurance on your behalf.

Tip: Medicare only pays for 80% of covered services, 20% is your responsibility or co-insurance


Advance beneficary notice- (ABN)

Advance Beneficary Notice is a binding agreement between the provider and the patient to understand the finanical responsbility the patient has to a provider. This allows the beneficiary to make an informed descision about their medical equipment or supply.

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Rental Responsibilty

Insurance pays for medical equipment over a period of time, typically 10-13 months. After this period if the item(s) are sill deemed medical necessary they may convert to patient's owned property.

Patient's should understand their financial responsibility clearly. all american medical supply will keep a credit card on file until the item is returned or converted to patient own property.

Rental Aggreement_Patient Responsiblity


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

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