Encoding Geography Research Coordination Network

What is Encoding Geography?

The American Association of Geographers (AAG) launched its “Encoding Geography” Initiative in 2018, a long-term commitment to expand geo-computational thinking at all levels of geography education. This initiative will inform a research strategy to design geo-computational curricula that (1) is inclusive, (2) supports teacher learning, and (3) can be measured for effectiveness. Such efforts will require collaborative work and dialogue between different stakeholders.

What is the EG-RCN?

The National Center for Research in Geography Education (NCRGE) is providing funds to initiate a Research Coordination Network to initiative the long term objectives of AAG's Encoding Geography initiative. This NCRGE-project, will focus on geography education at the college level to leverage the existing computational-thinking activities underway by geography faculty at various universities. The longer-term objective of this EG-RCN is to identify experts beyond universities to expand the network to all levels of geography education.

To form the EG-RCN, funds will be used towards research meetings and workshops. Go to our schedule of activities for more information.

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