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I hope you can find valuable information for you and your student regarding resources, events, and activities throughout the school year. Here, you can also find where local activities and sports are for your student with special needs. 

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About APE @ Acton Agua Dulce Schools

The Adapted PE Program is designed to help students with disabilities meet their individual goals for gross motor / physical education. Students benefit from physical activity that promotes increased muscular strength, stimulation of bone growth, and cardiovascular fitness / flexibility which enable the body to move and function more efficiently while promoting personal health. The programs are also embedded with cognitive / knowledge based learning, as well as demonstration and utilization of knowledge of psychological and sociological concepts, principles, and strategies. (CDE, 2020) 

Students are offered appropriate modern instruction strategies, Achieve Physical Education Curriculum tools,   and access to grade level PE Common Core State Standards. 

About Mrs. Botton

I love the Olympics!! 

The Olympic Games are such a wonderful example of how all people in life, of all walks of life, of all ages in life can come together with one common goal: to celebrate global diversity, individual / team effort, and regional excellence.  Strength, determination, and compassion of the human spirit define this glorious time on earth.  

I am absolutely in love with my growing family and dearly appreciate my friends and loved ones! I have a loving husband of 18 years, 3 amazing children,  1 horse, 4 goats, and 2 dogs.

I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, where I participated in various sports throughout my active youth. I graduated from Bishop Alemany High School (competing in volleyball, softball, swim, and waterpolo), received my AA at College of the Canyons (competing again in waterpolo and swim),   completed my Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology at Cal State Northridge,  received my Credential in Physical Education   and  Masters in Education from Alliant International University and APE Added Authorization at Point Loma Nazerene University.

Where Can I Play Outside of School?

I am  happy to help coordinate with parents / students / colleagues as to the specific accommodations in sport that prove - or, will prove - beneficial to the positive development  of our youth.         :)

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Sample @ Home Activities

This is a list of just a few ideas of how you can stay active while at home. 

Be creative, have fun, and always BE SAFE! 

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