Anne Arundel County Public Schools

Instructional Technology Resource Websites

Created and Maintained by the Office of Instructional Technology

Student site with independent activities for students to use with codable robots. Also includes information for teachers. Elementary and secondary level activities included. 

Curated templates and lesson materials that teachers can use as is or customize for use with their students. 

Digital lesson activities and materials that align to the AACPS elementary curriculum organized by grade level.

Tutorials and Google specific templates for the Google suite of applications

Tutorials and help documents specifically for families and students navigating the digital tools available in AACPS. 

Tutorials and help documents specifically for teachers as they navigate the instructional, digital tools available in AACPS. 

AACPS approved tools for making over two dozen traditional paper and pencil activities digital. Compare options side by side and access directions for each application and project type. 

All materials used with students must be evaluated and approved. This site provides information on that process. 

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