Please join my Google Classrooms for Fall 2018 by using the following codes:

2A Geometry: bs8df8

4A Geometry: c84jewc

1B Geometry: op12m60

4B Geometry: 5fzsxrk

2B ACT/SAT Prep: swp3dro

3A Transitional Math: 17s2nq0

Rent a Calculator, $5 for the year! Just complete the form below (including your name and id# in the box that says "FOR SRHS MATH OFFICE USE ONLY:", but not the bottom part) and bring it in with $5.

Calculator Loan Agreement 2018-2019.pdf

I helped teach the Mathematics of Music again this past summer at Johns Hopkins University:

Here's another nice summer program:

Geometry Students - you can use the online textbook (and there's even an app for smart phones):

Browse to:

then use

Student login: aacps123456 (use your own 6-digit student ID number instead of 123456)

Password: aacps123

Sometimes we will use

My Teacher Code is 837786

About Mr. Lipson: I'm originally from California, but I lived about ten years each in New York City and Ecuador, then 4 years in Ankara, Turkey and now 15 years in Maryland. I completed my 2nd master's degree, in Applied Math, in 2014. I enjoy playing drums & percussion, walking my dog and fixing up my house (DIY). For 2017-18 I'm teaching Honors Geometry, SAT Prep, and Transitional (ESL) Math at South River HS - go Seahawks!