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A Third Grader

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Homework Update

Please refer to the homework tab at the top of our website for additional information. We added spelling resources to our November homework calendar. Click the link below for the Spelling City website.


Use this website to:

  • view/study November words
  • access spelling practice activities


  • end of the month
  • dictation format
  • use of capital letters, spelling, and punctuation

How can your support your child at home?


Have a conversation about listening. Help us reinforce that students can learn a great deal from each other. Discuss ways that you can show someone you are listening.

Mindful Monday Goals

Every Monday students write a goal in their agenda. We are encouraging them to think past "Earn more DRT's." and "Get good grades."

We hope that these goals will be personal and meaningful. We also ask students what action steps they plan to take to reach this goal and reflect on them on Fridays.

Ask your child what their goal is!

Complete Sentences

Have a discussion with your child about complete sentences and what is needed for a sentence to be considered complete.

Talk about the importance of writing in complete sentences.

Finally, discuss combining two simple sentences into one complex sentence using conjunctions such as "so" and "therefore".


Ask your child about the science experiment they are conducting in class. They will be happy to share!

Key Words: forces and motion