- Now also available for Parents & Students Too - Input Technology Needs or Concerns!!

1) Open your Google Account. You might need to sign in (

2) Under "Security," select Signing in to Google.

3) Choose Password. You might need to sign in again.

4) Enter your new password, then select Change Password.

5) If you have any issues or problems resetting your password please Tech Request us

1) Use at least 13 Character Passwords, (i.e. a memorable phrase or sentence)

2) Enable 2-Step Verification on your Google account as this provides much better security as there's rarely a chance that another person has your password AND your cell phone at the same time

3) Use upper case, lower case, symbols and numbers in your passwords (i.e. phrase or sentence)

4) Never reuse the same passwords - i.e. if your bank account(s) are the same as your Google account and someone gets your Google password, Then they've also got your bank account passwords and possibly others?! - This is especially important, say if a malicious hacker gets just one of your passwords, but then tries that same password automatically on 10,000s different websites (via a 'bot'/program) and finds which websites you've all used that same password - and now he's got your email password AND all your financial accounts/passwords?



***** To Troubleshoot Your Speakers *****

1) open youtube on your computer

2) play a video to see if you can hear it fine or not

3) if youtube plays loud/clear enough then your speakers are working fine

***** To Troubleshoot Your Microphone *****

1) go to the website: ""

2) Click Launch Dictation

3) Click Start

4) if your speaker works here, then it should work fine in Zoom

***** To Troubleshoot the student/client side *****

1) Ask them to use a pair of headphones and/or microphone/headset (i.e. iMicro SP-IM320 via Amazon etc)


***** Hide Your Personal Number *****

1) Using *67 prior to dialing a parent/outside number will make your cell number private or unknown, in the event you choose to hide your number for making outbound calls

2) Google Meet to make calls will show a random California based number as well

3) Sign up for personal Google Voice account to make calls that'll show a random Google number

4) Have parents leave messages at District Office, 507-775-2037, if wanting to contact faculty via phone


1) Click on the Clock in the lower right corner of your screen,

2) Then click settings (gear icon),

3) Then Click, About Chrome OS

4) Then Click, Check For Updates

5) Then it'll either update and click restart. . . or it'll say it's already updated,

How To's

Google Classroom/YouTube Search

Adjust YouTube Video Playback Speed:

Meet/Recording Video:

Google Classroom Tips and Tricks for Teachers:

Google Slides: => Click Filter at the Top & Play videos at a faster speed to research faster) => Click Filter at the Top
Play videos at a faster speed to research faster)

Governor Walz' Public Address 03/25/20 14:00

- personally thought this was a nice summary of why we're doing what we are, w/social distancing - Stay Healthy, Take Care!! -RM/Zed Tech

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Click Here To Sign Out ZED Chromebooks -

- Physically obtain via your ZED Building Teachers

Mobile Cart Sign Out Form ‎‎‎‎(Responses)‎‎‎‎

Click Here To Sign Out ZED Microphone -

- Physically obtain via Janet or Jen at ZED District Office

District Staff Mic/Speake... Out Form ‎‎‎(Responses)‎‎‎

Submit all Technology Requests & Questions via Tech Request Link above

. . .Only email Ron as a last resort, as this helps to better track requests and problem areas.


- (limited to 5 mins but it'll allow you to show specific steps or details and then copy/insert into email, Google Classroom, Drive etc)

1) Ensure you're logged into Google Chrome Browser, 3 Vertical Dots in upper right => Settings & Sign In

2) Then Click on the ScreenCastify Extension on top right of Chrome Browser (orange arrow with white camera icon)

3) Adjust settings as needed and click RECORD => it'll open a recordings tab/page when you click on the screencastify extension again to STOP recording