I am excited to be in an evolving role and think that my passion for helping students, teachers, and families support unique learners has led me to this exciting new opportunity!

Zumbro Education District serves 7 member school districts: Blooming Prairie, Byron, Hayfield, Kasson-Mantorville, Pine Island, Stewartville, and Triton.

My office is located at ZED South Campus, but much of my time is spent in member districts.

Services Provided Include:

  • Consulting with families and district teams for program planning and instructional strategies for individual students.
  • Participating in evaluation, IEP development, and program planning with district teams.
  • Sharing materials and resources with student teams.
  • Working with student teams to help members understand the impact of autism spectrum disorder on a student's educational progress, including communication, social, and behavioral needs.
  • Working with student teams to help members understand and support students with behavioral challenges that impact their learning and school participation.

Mindy Schroeder

Zumbro Education District

221 2nd Avenue Southwest

(507) 775-2108

Byron, MN 55920