My Educational Motto:

I believe that every student can do well when given what she needs, is treated with respect and kindness, and is taught skills necessary to be successful. As educators, it is our job to not only teach academics, but to also to encourage students to become effective adults who can work with others, regulate emotions, and have good work ethics.

Contact Information:

Blooming Prairie--
Monday, Wednesday, 2nd & 4th Fridays
Elementary Office:
583-6615 ext 239
High School Office:
583-4426 ext 466

Tuesday, Thursday, 
1st and 3rd Fridays
Elementary Office:
477-3235 ext 293

Hi, I am Erin Mogensen and welcome to my webpage. I am one of the ZED School Psychologist. I serve Blooming Prairie Public Schools and Hayfield Community School District. Below are few tidbits about who I am.

Educational experiences: My path to School Psychology started early. In our sixth grade graduation book, I indicated that I wanted to work as a school counselor. After graduation from John Marshall High School in Rochester, MN in 1998, I attended University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse. In May 2002, I received my undergraduate BA in Psychology, with a minor in Creative Writing. Immediately after undergraduate, I stayed at UWL to pursue School Psychology. During my internship and second year as a School Psychologist, I worked out of a special education cooperative where I served three school districts, early childhood, and the level 4 EBD self-contained program. In 2006, I moved to Rochester and started working for ZED. Since being at ZED, I have had the pleasure of splitting my time between the Blooming Prairie and Hayfield Community School Districts.

Family and fun:
I live in Rochester with my husband, three children, and a very energetic dog. We spend a lot of our time watching the kids play soccer, our daughter dance, and our youngest exploring his creative side. When I am not shuttling my kids around, I love to do Zumba and I am getting back into running.