Zumba Fitness With Win

 13/07/2013: As Win is taking a break (a really long long long one) after the party, Reema Kenwright will be taking over her Zumba classes. Class venue and times are unchanged. Please visit her website at http://reema123.zumba.com for more details.

 09/07/2013: Your last chance to Zumba with Win tomorrow at the farewell party!  Really wish you can make it :)

 02/07/2013: Class is on tomorrow at 6pm at the same old price of $6 :) Also, farewell party next week as Win has decided to take a break but the new Zumba queen Reema will continue on the Zumba spirit. Invite your friends to this event with the Zumba duos via this link: https://www.facebook.com/events/640873025925591/?ref=22 
zumba fitness party with win yeung and reema kenwright

 25/06/2013: Zumba instructor Reema will be joining us tomorrow night at 6pm, yippppeeeeee!!!!! Click below to expand her profile:

reema kenwright zumba instructor
04/06/2013: Feeling energetic and want to go further? Come to tomorrow's class to sweat up a storm! Not that energetic? Cheer up and come to class. There's always something that suits your current mood and physical level in Win's Zumba classes. Classes are still $6 each in June, with the 'bring a friend new to class and receive free entry' offer .Why not come for a fun night?

27/05/2013: Getting fit has never been so easy – or so rewarding! Join The Great Calorie Drive™ now at http://www.greatcaloriedrive.com to June 30, 2013, and we’ll donate the calories* you shake off in a Zumba® class to people struggling with hunger around the world. That’s an average of 750 calories you can burn and donate per class!

Join the great calorie drive at your zumba class with Win Yeung

19/05/2013: Thank you Oliva Carrasco for the fun Zumba masterclass fitness party! I enjoyed every bit of it, and it's our pleasure to be invited to stage to dance with you! Zumba love muah!!
zumba in Hobart with jammer Olivia and Win Yeungzumba master class with Olivia Carrasco - with Win Yeung on stage

 zumba masterclass with Olivia Carrasco - Win Yeung in Hobartzumba with Win Yeung, David, and Wendy-Anne
15/05/2013: Congratulations to Megan who has won a Zumba top at the 'Share it to Win it' competition!! Thanks to everyone who has participated in spreading the word out there

14/05/2013: Join the Hobart-wide Zumba event and meet other Zumba lovers - everyone welcome! Bring your mum with you as a continual celebration of Mother's Day. Get your ticket from me prepaid for a $5 discount. Let's party this Saturday night!
zumba fitness master class party with Olivia Carrasco

17/04/2013:  Due to school term breaks, there will be NO CLASSES next 2 weeks on 24th April and 1st May. When we come back in May, we will be having lots more new songs. So take a break now but expect for more in May :)

02/04/2013: Let's Zumba away all the calories in those Easter eggs and bunnies tomorrow. Promotion has extended - $6 for an hour of fun workout in disguise. See you at 6pm at Wesley Hall.

 win this authentic zumba top  
17/03/2013: Share it to Win it!

Simply like our Facebook page, AND 'Share' this photo from the page, specifying the colour you prefer in the comment of the original photo. A lucky winner will be drawn on 15th May 2013 (instead of the originally planned 24th April 2013 due to school term break) during class, and the result will be published on this website. The winner will be contacted on the following day. 

Colours available - White, green, black
All 3 colours have the same design, with the green and the black showing the front, while the white showing the back.
One size fits all!

*** Note: If you have already 'liked' our Facebook page, you are still eligible to win! You don't need to be an existing student or have any Zumba experience to win.

24/03/2013: My Zumba performance last month at the Tasmanian Chinese New Year Festival. Watch the audience in the middle of the clip!

Gangnam style zumba performance by Win Yeung

17/03/2013: Congratulations to all our lucky winners on the night! And thanks again to all who participated and 
celebrated our 2nd birthday :D
win and her students

happy zumba students with win in hobart

10/03/2013: A special Zumba class this Wednesday! All welcome, we will be dancing Zumba and playing games. 
Prizes to give away!

 zumba fitness with win in hobart
To celebrate the second anniversary of our Zumba classes, all classes for March are only $6! Bring a friend along (new to Win's classes) and get entry for free ;) Well spend your money and see the results for yourself.

09/01/2013: Miss Zumba? Classes are back next week starting 16th January. Woohoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!


01/01/2013: Happy New Year! May your coming year be filled with joy, fun, and health. Win started the first day of the year with Zumbatomic® at the Taste Festival. Bring your kids to the Parliament Lawn Stage with Win on 1st - 3rd January from 11 - 12am for a free session of fun and laughters. Here are some snapshots for today, a lot more photos to come:

Zumbatomic with Win at the taste festival Hobart 2013 zumbatomic with Win at the taste festival hobart 2013

Merry Christmas Zumba with Win

27/11/2012: Zumba classes with Win will be on summer holidays until mid-January! During the break, practise at home to stay fit and have fun. I am open to emails - it can be just a 'Hi', or questions about a Zumba move, or name of that Zumba song. I will be very glad to hear from you and get your updates!

20/11/2012: New routine tomorrow, simple steps that will drive you crazy and practising every night at home :P Also, tomorrow will be our last Zumba class before the summer break! Come refresh your routines and bring them home for 8 weeks before we meet again in mid-January.

13/11/2012: It is my birthday tomorrow, let's partaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No Zumba experience required :)  

Green Zumba Party with Win

  Camp Quality Zumba with Win
23/09/2012: Thanks to Camp Quality for giving me the opportunity to bring the needy and their families some Zumba laughs! It was a meaningful camping event, keep up the good work :)

06/11/2012: Have you ever imagined yourself doing those elegant arm styling in Cha Cha? Don't dream about it, learn it! Come to class tomorrow for a beginner Cha Cha routine, and walk out from class like a pro. Learn the little tricks, it's easy :)

16/10/2012: New fast and energetic routine tomorrow. Test your agility and challenge your body!

02/10/2012: $6 Zumba class still on in October, bring someone new and get free entry! Learn a Spooky Halloween Zumba routine (limited-time-routine) for the month of October, and have a good laugh ha ha ha ha ha ha....


07/10/2012: Our Zumba demo at the Body and Soul Festival. Many thanks to David and Penny!

Zumba Fitness with Win


06/09/2012: Planning for the weekend? The Body and Soul Festival http://www.bodyandsoulfestival.com.au/ can be a good choice. The Festival will be held on 7th, 8th, 9th September at the City Hall at the corner of Macquarie and Campbell St in the city.

Entry will entitle you to a full day of performances and free workshops good for your body and soul, including Belly dancing, Salsa dancing, meditation, nutritional workshops etc.
And of course there will be me and Zumba:
Stage ~ Friday 4:20 pm
Workshop ~ Friday 4:30 pm
Stage ~ Saturday 2:50 pm/3:30 pm
Workshop ~ Saturday 3:00 pm/4:00 pm
Stage ~ Sunday 11:50 am
Workshop ~ Sunday 12:00 pm
The above performances will last for about 10 minutes, and workshops 20 minutes. 
Why not bring your family and friends to a great day out, while pampering your body and soul?

04/09/2012: For less than a dollar a day, you can stay healthy and fit! Come to Win's Zumba class every Wednesday for just $6, and have a great workout without noticing it.

Our $6 per hour Zumba class is extended again for the month of September due to the many requests. Bring someone new to class, and your entry is even free!

09/08/2012: Thank all for your participation in this event. Here are some happy moments on the night :)


05/08/2012: "I LOVE ZUMBA" - Super Fun Day with Win. Are you in?



Merima at Win's Zumba class


I Love Zumba - Super Fun Day with Win

Lisa and Emily at Win's Zumba class

Collette at Win's Zumba class

28/07/2012: It is National Dance Day today in the U.S.. Learn this Zumba routine 'Crazy Love' which is one of the 2 official routines for the event

National Dance Day official Zumba routine

free Zumba classes


free Zumba bracelet

1/07/2012: JULY Specials: The $6 class is extended for the month of July! Bring someone new and your entry is on us :)  The $4 per half hour class is still on to fit in your busy schedule.



11/06/2012: JUNE Specials: Free Zumba class when you bring a friend* to class (friend must be new to Win's Zumba class). .. and also the $6 Zumba class is now extended till the end of June  :D  You know you want it.


24/06/2012: Yes I am giving away these stylish Zumba bracelets for FREE! Simply 'LIKE' us on this Facebook Page "Zumba Classes Hobart" - easy!! And redeem it on your next Zumba class ;)

13/06/2012:  You all rock tonight! Well done! Want to rock some more? Come this Saturday 16th June for an awesome 2-hour 'Rock Out Zumba Fitness Master Class' with Tamara Pitts.

"I'm so excited about coming down to party with you all, this master class is themed, but its so easy to be rock, wear all black, rip up some tights, add some safety pins, punk up your hair, add a chunky wrist cuff, throw on some black eyeliner and there you go... be ready for some rocking songs = )" - Zj Tamara Pitts

16/06/2012: Wow, what an enjoyable night with Tamara! Here are our Rock stars:

Win at Tamara Pitts Zumba maste

Rock Out Zumba Fitness Master Class

21/05/2012: One of my favourite Zumba routine 'Pegate', taken last week. Winter has arrived and night-club style Zumba is on! View the following Class Video here

  Night Club Style Zumba with Win


05/05/2012: Want to make Mum happy not for just 1 day, but for the whole month? What about this Zumba Mother's Day promo (click to zoom in)? $4 for half hour session; or $6 for 1 full hour. Offer starts 9th May and ends 31st May 2012:

Zumba Mother's Day Deal

09/04/2012: *** Important: Due to Easter, there won't be any classes running this Wednesday 11th April. Happy Easter!

04/04/2012: Dance crazy tonight to a hipnotic & energetic Indian Hip Hop song! See you 6pm at Wesley Hall

18/03/2012: Come to class this Wednesday and dance to the latest hit 'Sexy and I Know It' by LMFAO! You'll love it. 

02/03/2012: Check out some of our happy students' Testimonials !

22/02/2012: Congratulations Marie on winning an authentic Zumba top at our Birthday lucky draw! Thanks to all who attended, you all rock!!! It's a great night tonight  :))



Zumba Lucky Draw - Wesley Hall Hobart
18/02/2012: Next week is our 1st anniversary! I am giving away an authentic stylish and colourful Zumba brand top. Be sure to arrive on time, you could be the lucky one! New routines coming up too.

04/02/2012: Cheeky cha cha / rumba song next week! Learn how to cha cha cha ... cha cha cha ... cha cha cha ...

13/01/2012: New Zumba routine next week! I am excited about this one...  Here are some photos taken a while ago. Thanks Denby for the beautiful bouquet, and Annette from Germany for attending my class throughout her stay:

Win Yeung and Denby at Zumba
Win Yeung and Annette at Zumba

10/01/2012: Happy New Year!!  Let's start off this new year with some cool moves. See you tomorrow 6pm at Wesley Hall  ;)

23/12/2011: Merry Christmas! I have prepared a Zumba hip-hop routine for this Christmas just in case you can't make it to class... (How nice am I!)

Elf Win

18/12/2011: Don't let it stop - we are open over Christmas and New Year holiday period! Let's party and fight with all those chocolates we eat :). See you Wednesday!


20/11/2011: Learn Samba the easy way and show off your dancing skills in class!  :p

Samba Basics - Girl Step - Zumba Classes Hobart
Samba Male steps - Zumba Classes Hobart

09/11/2011: Well done class tonight! Everyone danced so professionally I am proud of you all! IMPORTANT NOTICE: Do not park your car within Wesley church premises prior to 6:00pm as they have changed their policy and your car can be fined!

30/10/2011: Thanks to all Halloween party attendee! More photos can be found here.

Halloween Zumbies - at Zumba Classes Hobart
Spooky Outfit Competition Winner - at Zumba with Win
The Zumbie David - at Zumba Classes Hobart

 20/10/2011: Halloween Zumba party next Wednesday! Learn some Zumbie moves! Dress up in Halloween costume for your chance to win!

Halloween Zumba Party with Win


01/10/2011: Have you been trying out our latest routine addition? If not, come to our class on Wednesday. It is tricky and fun!  

13/09/2011: New fun routine tomorrow, don't miss out! Don't forget Zumbathon is coming this Saturday, get your ticket now 

06/09/2011: Time to shape up for Spring! Zumba with me, it is easy. Class is on tomorrow 6:00pm at Wesley Hall in the city 

27/08/2011: Zumba classes are now available for purchasing online. Get one for yourself or send a healthy gift to your loved ones!

23/08/2011: New easy-to-use online booking form to book your classes for 1 month Zumba membership. Click here to reserve your spot in class!

 ZUMBA class 5th October 2011



26/07/2011: Surprise routine for you to TAKE HOME tomorrow! Have fun doing Zumba at home during the chilling winter, and burn your calories at the same time!
12/07/2011: New exciting Bollywood routine tomorrow! Come tomorrow 6 - 7pm at Wesley Hall in the city for some upbeat non-stop Latin dance routine.  
Stylish authentic Zumba® Brand clothes for sale in class! Come grab this perfect outfit for Zumba or for casual wear. 

Unlimited Zumba for just $49.95 per month

Want to keep fit the easy, fun way? Zumba Fitnss with Win is conveniently located in Hobart CBD, every Wednesday 6:00 - 7:00pm - just perfect for after-work exercises!

Our $49.95 monthly membership entitles you to 5 consecutive classes. Give it a go! More price plans are available to suit your need, click HERE to select yours.